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Archive for July 2016

Summer Highlights

Friday, July 29, 2016

 Even though summer isn't technically over, here's a recap of what I've done thus far.

 My best friend moved to Seattle and I visited her for 4 days. We went to Mount Rainier and Olympic National Parks.

 For our two year anniversary, Sam and I went to Alaska! It was amazing! I plan to blog more about this, but here's a short video:

 When we got back from Alaska, we attended Sam's cousin's wedding in St Louis. This was my first time renting a dress from Rent The Runway (photo above).

It was so fun seeing our three year old nephew, Nathan. This is such a fun age. The photo above is from the rehearsal dinner.

I bought supplies for our next project - wallpapering the powder bathroom.


 We started working on sanding and priming our kitchen cabinets. This project took us a month.

 For my birthday I got tickets to see Wicked in Birmingham. The last time I saw Wicked was in 2008 in New York.


 We went to Grand Island, NY (close to Niagara Falls) for my family reunion, which occurs every 4 years. The photo above is our family church, which my ancestors helped build.

Family photo after mass

 We (Sam and my sister) celebrated Canada Day by going to Niagara-on-the-Lake. My grandfather used to go every year, but this was my first visit. It's such a cute town! We went on a wine tour and visited three different wineries. During the drive back to the States, we did a quick tour of my sister's college, Niagara University.

We ended July with the completion of our kitchen cabinets. I'll save the big reveal for another post.

In August we will be doing a no spend/self improvement month. Here's what we have planned:
  • drive only one car
  • eat cheaper meals
  • no eating out (we might make an exception for Restaurant Week)
  • practice yoga 
  • no shopping
We'll see how it goes!
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