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Link Roundup #10

Friday, August 5, 2016

History A desperate effort to save children from the Holocaust - Mashable. "Within days, the Refugee Children’s Movement and other groups sent representatives to Germany and Austria to organize the relocation of the children most at risk of persecution. The effort was informally dubbed the Kindertransport. The BBC broadcast a call for foster homes"

The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott: 100 Years of Polar Mystery - Brain Pickings

The society of late night readers - Reading Rainbow. "I’d whisper goodnight then get into my own bed with a book and my own quiet time. I liked knowing that only my mom and I were the only ones awake, that I was a member of our household’s unofficial Society of Late Night Readers."

Play the woman card and reap these rewards - Washington Post. "It is great. It entitles you to a sizable discount on your earnings everywhere you go (average 21 percent, but can be anywhere from 9 percent to 37 percent, depending on what study you’re reading and what edition of the Woman Card you have.) If you shop with the Woman Card at the grocery, you will get to pay 11 percent more for all the same products as men, but now they are pink."

Would you call someone a girl boss - Cup of Jo. “Girl Boss” is not the phrase we should tout if we want to be powerful or successful. Female-run businesses are not adorable. Women don’t need to justify their abilities and intellect by making it cute."

I'll take care of the bills - Forbes. “It’s a tactic to maintain power and control over somebody,” says Nathaniel Fields, president and CEO of the Urban Resource Institute, which provides services to empower victims of domestic violence. “It’s another form of abuse and domestic violence — when one person in a relationship takes control of another person’s economic resources to control that person.”

Why You Might Actually Want a Budget and Not Just Need One - A Practical Wedding. "When you hear the word budget, you probably think about spreadsheets and accounting (egads!). You think about restriction or denial. Let those stereotypes go. Your budget is your priorities, all laid out. So you can reach them."

Inside a bold orange and blue house - House Beautiful.


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