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Link Roundup #8

Friday, April 29, 2016

The versatile Ikea piece you need - The Everygirl. "It's not every day we stumble upon a piece that's affordable and versatile, so when we do, we take note! Enter Ikea's Raskog cart ($50). This multitiered, rollable storage unit comes in a glossy charcoal and robin's egg blue (our favorite option!). While it's intended for the kitchen, it proves to be just as handy in every other room of the house. See the three ways we're itching to use it!"

Don't Trust People With Money Who Say It Won't Buy Happiness - The Financial Diet. "For many people, a bit of money — and we’re not even talking much here, just enough to cover monthly bills with a little left over to build a cushion — is the difference between constant anxiety and calm. It’s the difference between being stuck in a life that is running on fumes, unable to take even the tiniest risk because everything is hinging on a few dollars’ difference, and taking the leap into the life you want. It’s the cost of a plane ticket, or the first month’s deposit on a new place, or the few weeks between jobs. Often, the only thing standing between people and the very-attainable life they dream of is a little cash flow to keep things running while they get everything in place."

Sometimes a job is just a job - Budgets are Sexy. "There’s nothing wrong with simply taking a job for the money and getting on with our lives. There’s plenty of ways to be happy outside of our day job, and as long as your goals are being met then more power to you!"

Lessons from homeschooling - FEE.  "But parents today increasingly avoid “education specialists” because these alleged specialists are so bad that non-specialist parents outperform them at the task of education. The average home-schooled child scores in the 85th percentile on standardized achievement tests a full 35 points higher than the score registered by the average public-school student."

Confessions of a radical doula - The Cut. "Legal advocacy is crucial, says Hermine Hayes-Klein, lawyer and founder of Human Rights in Childbirth (HRiC). “Most feminist movements began with a small, fringe group of women fighting for the rights of all. Think of the suffragists. Most women wanted nothing to do with the vote. They’d say, ‘Why would I need to vote? My husband votes for me!’” HRiC works to create first-of-their-kind legal protections for childbearing women, including informed consent and the right to refuse treatment. Basic rights, neither of which are yet guaranteed to childbearing women in American hospitals."

The Past
1953 Shortly after JFK and Jackie announced their engagement - Mashable

1938 How one small town spent Saturday afternoon during the Depression - Mashable. "In 1938, FSA photographer Ben Shahn traveled to the small town of London, Ohio, 25 miles southwest of the state capital Columbus. There, he captured residents of the sleepy 4,600-person town as they walked the few main streets on a quiet Saturday afternoon."

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