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Link Roundup #7

Friday, April 22, 2016

I waste money on vacations every year and I don't regret it - The Financial Diet. "
"I know that I could be putting several thousand dollars more into my 401k each year if I seriously cut back, but then I would have been cutting out my best and most fulfilling memories from that year, and I wouldn’t have had the powerful, important re-charging session that my vacations provide. I have a stressful, demanding job, and if I don’t feel like I’m truly able to unplug and just enjoy myself during my travel, I burn out very easily. I need that time, and I’m not ashamed of it. If I feel like I have to scrimp and squeeze for every part of my trip, it’s not a vacation anymore. And that’s just the way I am."

A wedding in Scotland - A Practical Wedding. The bride wore her grandmother's dress and it's amazing!

photo credit: Sarah Gormley

We need to stop using salaries as an excuse to keep women down - A Practical Wedding. "Then I sat down and did a deep dive into budgeting. And what I saw didn’t look right to me. So I crunched one number after another, until I realized I wasn’t making “a little” more than my husband. I was making double....“The math just works out that way.” I’ve heard the reason a thousand times and often from reasonably high-earning couples. It’s why she had to give up her rewarding career. It’s why she has to take the kids to the doctors’ appointments. It’s why she works reduced hours so she can handle daycare pick-up and drop-off and sick days. It’s why the family isn’t investing in any kind of childcare. It’s why she takes care of all the emotional labor for the family. But here’s the thing. In our family? I’m still doing most of those things."

Having it all kinda sucks - HuffPost.  "Here’s what we tell women today: You not only can, but should have a career and children — because if you don’t, you’re basically a) lazy, b) weak, c) not a real woman. But also, you should do it without any support. Without government-paid maternity leave (what are you, a socialist?). Without too much childcare (because then you’re a shitty mom) or falling behind on the job (because then you’re a shitty employee  —  typical woman!). Without too much help from your husband (because then he’s a pussy)."

^^The #1 reason having children terrifies me.

4 credit card mistakes millennials are making right now - The Financial Diet. "Often millennials “believe they don’t need to begin building credit because they don’t plan to buy a car or home,” according to Sean. He says that the reality is this: “landlords and potential employers often check credit, so even if you never plan to need a loan, it’s still wise to build credit. Beyond that, you never know when you’ll want to start your own business and need a business loan, or decide to settle down and buy something big. Credit takes a long time to build, it’s always best to start early.”

Here's where you should store your emergency fund - Business Insider. "
A short-term bond fund, says Ellen Jordan, certified financial planner and senior vice president at Bryn Mawr Trust. They're conservative investments that minimize the risk of losing money, and, unlike with some other investments, you can withdraw your funds instantly."

The past
A catalog of Sear's Homes 1927-1932 - Sears Archives. Click on the photos on the website to see floor plans.
January 1910 when Paris flooded - Mashable. "Only one death was officially recorded, and there was no major outbreak of disease, possibly because city officials moved quickly to remove debris and disinfect the streets after the floods. Donations from the rest of France and other countries helped fund recovery operations. Some historians have come to see the flood as a "dress rehearsal" in solidarity that Parisians would require four years later with the outbreak of World War I."

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