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Link Roundup #5

Friday, April 8, 2016

A designer explains window treatments - Element of Style. "In bedrooms we always line our drapes with blackout material.  All draperies and window treatments should be lined or backed in white fabric so when looking at the windows from the outside of the house everything matches."

Choosing love or the Mormon church - The Atlantic. "But even facing the possibility of future excommunication, she couldn’t—and didn’t want to—turn her back on the faith of her upbringing. “I’m a Mormon and a lesbian,” Hawkins said. “It would be wrong for me to deny either one when both have been such a part of me and both of them are true for me.” "

Should parents of children with severe disabilities be allowed to stop their growth - New York Times. "About nine years ago, the family went to Disneyland. It was still relatively easy to fly with Jessica then, but upon landing she vomited on herself and Sandy. Sandy made a mat from clothes in her suitcase, lay her daughter down in a handicapped stall at the airport and wiped off both of them. “But then I realized the terrible truth,” Sandy says. “I had to lift her, by myself, from the floor to the chair — no easy feat. If ever I wished for a shorter girl, it was then.” "

The Winners of the Smithsonian Magazine's 2015 photography contest - The Atlantic. "Winner, Sustainable Travel: My Time. In February and March of 2014, I took a month off and went to work as a photographer/videographer in an orphan school in Likoni, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Mombasa, Kenya. My videos and pictures helped raise money to finish the building of the school for 150 children and a sleeping building for 30 orphan kids. This is the school director's daughter on her break, while at school. Photographed by Tihomir Trichkov." 

Smithsonian magazine photography contest

Heidi's story of paying off $36, 176 of debt in 15 months - Simply Save. "Unfortunately, we live in a culture that perpetuates “having-it-all” and makes borrowing acceptable. Going against the grain is not easy in the beginning, but it is worth all the sacrifice. We live in a great country – it really is the Land of Opportunity. In order to take advantage of that opportunity, you have to face the troll on the bridge. Punch him in the throat and move on."
debt free story

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