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Link Roundup #4

Friday, April 1, 2016

Open Air Classroom - Messy Nessy Chic

Simplifying childhood may protect against mental illness - HuffPost. "The time children spend playing in organized sports has been shown to significantly lower creativity as young adults, whereas time spent playing informal sports was significantly related to more creativity. It's not the organized sports themselves destroying creativity but the lack of down time. Even two hours per week of unstructured play boosted children's creativity to above-average levels."

A day in the lift of an American mother in 1941 - Mashable
1940's housewife

I pay my own wages for housework - BuzzFeed. "I wouldn’t call homemaking a job or an artform; more of a hobby. (Ask me about my rubber band collection!) But it is creative; it takes skill and attention. The fact that I’m good at it is satisfying in itself. And, when I do this stuff not only because I want it done, but also because I want to be doing it, it pays real dividends."

The gender gap nobody is talking about - Mic. "But, actually, the gender time gap is an everyday reality in the United States and every other rich country, too. American women spend an average of 4 hours a day doing unpaid household work, while American men spend just 2.5 hours. The time adds up. Women spend an extra 500 hours every year doing unpaid household work—hours they could be spending on something else"

The most important step to take to get out of debt is something most people don't consider - Business Insider. "The reason this question is so crucial is that you're never truly "done" with your debt. "Debt management is like weight management," Gajkowski tells Business Insider. "It's a lifelong thing. It's an ongoing process. To keep it from happening again, you must recognize why you got into debt in the first place and then avoid the habits that got you there."

Cuba on the edge of change - New York Times. "From the outside, the destruction is palpable. Paint molts from walls. Structures list to one side. Facades torn from the edges of homes leave dollhouse interiors exposed to the elements. Look closer, though, at knickknacks arranged just so on splintered shelves. Cracked floors swept clean. Plastic flowers perfectly arranged. Quiet pride in every detail."

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