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Currently, April

Monday, April 4, 2016

One of my side projects is making curtains. Surprisingly I've been keeping a steady stream of work.

Thanks to my curtain making money, I've been able to buy several things on my wishlist. I bought these Hunter boots for our upcoming trip to Alaska. I especially like that they are foldable and packable.

I bought this Kendra Scott necklace in two colors: drusy and mint. I've worn one or the other every single day.

I purchase three LL Bean vests used from ebay. I got green, teal, and black for our trip to Alaska.

I started the KonMari method several months ago, and I think I stopped because of the holidays. I can't actually remember though. I did clothes, books, and papers, but I've decided to go back and re-do the clothes section. I don't think I was discriminating enough.

I always post lost of photos of my dog, Finn, but I've been posting even more than usual because he just had a birthday last week! I'll have to do a separate post on this because it was adorable!

After not reading anything in January and February because of being too busy, I've finally had a chance to pick it back up. In March I read the first 4 books of A Shade of Vampire series. This is a young adult series, so it's very easy reading and entertaining.

While You Were Mine. This was one of the picks for Kindle Firsts in March. The book is based on the famous WWII photograph of the nurse being kissed in Times Square. I thought it was an interesting premise and I love books in this time period, but I didn't think this book was particularly great.

When I'm Gone. I really liked Emily Bleeker's first novel, so I thought this one would also be good. However, this book was too sad for me to keep reading. I'm not much of a crier, but this book made me cry within the first two chapters.

A Paris Apartment. So good! Years ago I read the news story about the Paris apartment that sat untouched for 70 years. This is a fictional book about that story. I couldn't put it down.

We finished Jessica Jones (Sam didn't like but I loved it), started Fuller House (not sure it's worth the hype), and I'm super excited about Kimmy Schmidt coming back this month!

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