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Link Roundup #2

Friday, March 18, 2016

I refuse to call my daughter a tomboy. "I told her that I would never call her a "tomboy" because I didn’t like comparing her to boys. I told her that I didn’t like thinking of things as "boy things" and "girl things" and that I certainly didn’t like any suggestion that "boy things" were somehow better. I told her that there was a long history in the world of "girl things" being treated as less important than "boy things" and that that was a problem for everyone, and not just girls."

" 'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.' Woman in a Meeting: “I have to say — I’m sorry — I have to say this. I don’t think we should be as scared of non-fear things as maybe we are? If that makes sense? Sorry, I feel like I’m rambling.” "

Here's why parents should fight for recess. "Recess also brings academic benefits, both in actual learning and improved behavior. When kids return to the classroom their accuracy and factual recall shoots up. They can pay attention and absorb new material better. They goof off less and test scores typically rise since recess is an ally for memory and focus. In fact, research on third-graders conducted by the University of Minnesota found that kids grow increasingly inattentive the longer they have to wait for recess."
America's High School Graduates Look Like Other Countries' High School Dropouts. "Carr says this pattern is even more obvious if you look at the math skills of young adults. This study found that Americans with a high school diploma performed about the same as high school dropouts in other countries....She offers a sample math problem from the test: You go to the store and there's a sale. Buy one, get the second half off. So if you buy two, how much do you pay? "High school-credentialed adults, they can't do this task — on average," says Carr."

On redecorating after your husband dies. "She just kept saying, “This is so good, this is so good.” She said what we had all been feeling all week, that this is what Paul would have wanted. It was one of the most rewarding moments I’ve ever had."

Tate Taylor, The Help Director, Renovates an 1830s Mississippi Mansion. "After a months-long search that led him through much of the Deep South, he circled back and found the perfect place in Church Hill, a tiny community just north of Natchez: Wyolah Plantation, a 100-acre spread with a three-story Greek Revival dwelling, constructed in 1836, and eight outbuildings. “It checked every box,” he says, noting that the property’s original summer kitchen—a freestanding brick structure that kept heat and potential fires at a distance—“sealed the deal.” Still, he adds, “I never thought I’d come back home.”

Adorable Easter/Spring decor.
photo via World Market

Ghost Town
 The living American ghost town of Panama. In the 1950s, as many as 100,000 Americans lived in the Zone, about one-tenth of the country’s population. Even life-long Zonians could get away with not learning Spanish.

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