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Life Update

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


We've been watching Ken Burns documentaries for the last month. I started with the Roosevelts in January, then the National Parks, then The Dust Bowl, and we've just started The War. They are all so good! The Dust Bowl was particularly heartbreaking, and was a subject that I didn't know much about.

ken burns the dust bowl

Valentine's Day

Our gift to each other was seeing Beauty and the Beast (the musical) and going to a fancy restaurant at the end of January. On the actual day, we went out for brunch and spent a romantic day painting our bedroom.
benjamin moore palladian blueranunculus
On the Weekends

I've made all the curtains in my house, and as Christmas presents I made curtains for my sister and best friend. I'm now getting requests from my co-workers (three different people so far!) and it's been nice to make a little extra money. My first customer:
custom olive green curtains

Design Work

A friend from high school asked me to help her design her living room. We haven't finalized the design yet, but this is one of the options that I put together (she didn't pick this one):
industrial living room design

Finn's birthday is March 27th, and we are ridiculously excited! Dog camp (Finn goes once a week) does birthday parties for the doggies, and we've booked Finn's birthday for the Tuesday after his birthday. He really enjoys attending his friends' birthdays, so I'm sure he'll love being the center of attention on his own special day!
irish terrier
photo credit: White Rabbit Studios

Our Home

In February we scraped the popcorn ceiling in our bedroom, painted the ceiling and trim, and painted the walls. I have yet to take pictures with my nice camera, but here's one I posted on Instagram:

Here's what's coming up in March:
  • getting a dresser for the guest room
  • making new curtains for my craft room (I've already bought the fabric)
  • hanging wallpaper in the powder bathroom
  • going to Rolla, MO for the baptism of Sam's godson
  • Easter and Finn's birthday on the same day

 photo rebecca-signature_zpsc9384346.png

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