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Cross Country Roadtrip: Hearst Castle

Thursday, February 11, 2016

 This post is part of a series about our Cross Country Roadtrip. To see all the previous posts, click here.
No trip is complete without something going wrong, and Hearst Castle was a planning fail on my part. I reserved our tickets and did tons of research to find a dog sitter, but I didn't pay close attention to where the dog sitter was located. Unfortunately, the dog sitter was an hour away in the wrong direction. Instead of going to Hearst Castle, Finn and Sam hung out at the beach, and I went by myself. I wish Sam could have gone with me, but I am glad that I went. It was fascinating!
hearst castle aerial

William Hearst, a newspaper publisher, was the owner of the Hearst Castle land (250,000 acres!) after his parents died. William Hearst asked architect, interior designer and civil engineer, Julia Morgan, to built him a 2 room cabin so he and his sons didn't have to camp outside anymore. 28 years later, this was the "cabin."
Hearst Castle has 56 bedrooms, 61 bathrooms, and the world's largest private zoo. Most of the animals were given away, but sometimes visitors can see zebras from Highway 1.

hearst castle
 Only 10 of these tapestries exist in the world, and Hearst owned 4.
hearst castle ceiling
 15th century ceiling was imported to the house.

hearst castle

hearst castle
 The dining hall inspired the set design of Hogwarts.

hearst castle

hearst castle ceiling
 This ceiling is from Spain and is undergoing a 10 year restoration, costing 5 million dollars.

hearst castle pool
 The pool took 15 years to build and was rebuilt three times!

hearst castle pool
 The floor surrounding the pool was made of real 24 carat gold.

hearst castle

hearst castle
 Hearst Castle had many famous visitors including Cary Grant, Clark Gable, and Walt Disney. The only person who ever refused an invitation was Katherine Hepburn.
hearst castle

hearst castle
 We ate lunch at the Hearst Ranch Winery Tasting Room. Our campground that evening was Gaviota State Park. I wouldn't recommend it because it was very windy, no shade, the camp sites were too close together, and the beach wasn't dog friendly. The next day we returned the VW camper van, and started our drive home. 

Our next stop was Joshua Tree.

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