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Fall Festivities

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

In September I blogged about the fun things I wanted to do this Fall. Here's what we ended up doing:

1. October 2nd: go to concerts on the dock with Finn
We didn't do this because it was raining.
2. October 3rd: Madison Street Festival is happening. Bring Finn.
Didn't do this. Raining again. We worked on our guest bathroom instead.
3. October 3rd: we're attending a farm to table dinner at Fly Creek Farms in Pulaski, TN.
We did this and I blogged about it here.

4. October 9th: photo shoot with Ashley. Our wedding photographer is coming over to our house for a photo shoot of our home.
The photos turned out great! I'll blog about my favorites in a couple weeks.

5. October 9-11: go to New Orleans
This was a very fun weekend! Earlier this year, I won at an auction a vacation package to New Orleans. The package included one night at the Old 77 Hotel, dinner at The Chophouse, tickets to WWII museum, and tickets to the Beauregard Keyes House. Also, I bought a really awesome hat.

6. October 15: see the World War I exhibit at the Art Museum. Admission is cheaper on Thursday.
I completely forgot about this and the exhibit is already over! :( We ended up going to a Street Food Festival and concert downtown that weekend. Finn had a really fun time!

7. October 17: Huntsville ghost walk. Bring Finn.
I'm not into anything scary, but this was more of a historical walk with a tiny bit of ghost stories.

8. October 23-24: go to Mississippi College Homecoming with my mom (she also graduated from MC). I have 2 pieces in the Alumni Art Gallery, which is primarily why we're going. 

Kelsey and I next to our interior design projects 

9. October 31: go on the Fall Color train ride.
We didn't do this. We worked on house projects instead.

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