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Grand Canyon Part 2

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Our original plan for day 2 at the Grand Canyon was to hike the Bright Angel Trail. I made a kennel reservation in advance for Finn, but Sam was uncomfortable leaving him. The weather was questionable (it was freezing!) and rain was likely. 

After making breakfast tacos at our campsite (Mather Campground) and discussing our options, we decided to go on a driving tour to Desert View. If you aren't traveling with dogs, the Shuttle takes the same route that we did in a car.

We drove to the Bright Angle Lodge to see the views from there, but then it started raining. You can see the rain rolling across the canyon in this photo. We decided to hang out at Verkamp's Visitor Center while we waited for the rain to stop. Verkamp's had some interesting exhibits, so I'm glad we ended up going here.

The rain came and went the entire day.

Bright Angel Lodge view Grand Canyon
View from Bright Angel Lodge

Bright Angel Lodge view Grand Canyon

We packed a picnic lunch and the doggies got to stretch their legs when we stopped at Grandview Point. I found the history here interesting. Their was a trail from Grandview Point that lead to Last Chance Mine, a copper mine.

Moran Point Grand Canyon
Moran Point

desert view lookout grand canyon
My sister and Cappy at Desert View lookout

desert view lookout grand canyon
Desert View Watchtower

Finn wasn't impressed with the views. He wanted to spend more time hiking.

 We returned to the campsite and it started snowing! This was on May 15th, my sister's birthday.

Vintage Surfari Wagons
We left Arizona, and the bad weather behind, and drove to LA to pick up our rental VW camper van to start Leg 2 of our roadtrip. We rented the van from Vintage Surfari Wagons.

Next stop: Sequoia National Park. New travel posts go live on Thursdays.

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