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Library Update

Monday, September 28, 2015

I just realized that I have posted any updated photos of the Library. The last time I posted a photo of the library, it looked like this:
travel gallery wall

Since then, we put some new furniture pieces in this room:

The printer table and end tables we inherited from Sam's grandma.

The BIGGEST difference in this room is the green velvet curtains. I absolutely LOVE them.
irish terrier and green velvet
Here are the curtains in progress. Finn supervised while I made the curtains, of course. This was my first time sewing velvet, and it was tricky. I used a walking presser foot on my sewing machine, which helped with the slipperiness of the fabric.

green velvet curtains

Another big difference in our library isn't even visibly noticeable. We finally got a rug pad for this room!

I've been looking for a good quality rug pad, but one of my concerns is that a lot of rug pads are made of PVC. The PVC can off-gas and ruin hardwood floors! In humid climates (like Alabama), the oils in the PVC can react with the floors and cause permanent damage. Since we just spent a lot of money on our new floors, I did NOT want that to happen.
rugpadusa natural rubber
In our old apartment, we bought a cheap rug pad from Target, and it ended up sticking to our tile floors. The stickiness happens because the materials are cheap and the rug pad can't breathe - only natural materials can breathe and PVC is definitely not natural. Over time, the rug pad can cause the floors to discolor because the stickiness ends up all over your floors.

rug pad usa natural rubber
 I got a rug pad from from their Econo-Lock Natural Rubber line. Natural rubber has very low VOC's and it comes from real rubber trees, so off-gassing and floor staining is not an issue. I've been very pleased with this rug pad because it doesn't  move all over the place when Finn is playing.

Future plans for this room include purchasing new chairs.

*This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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