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2015 Goals Update

Monday, May 11, 2015

We're 5 months into the year, so I want to give an update on my 2015 goals.

  1. January: Finalize summer vacation plans. We're currently considering a road trip to California. DONE! We're actually on our vacation right now!
  2. Go on a spending diet from January-March. We did this in 2014 year and it consisted of no clothes, books, home items, or shopping at Target. We haven't decided on the terms yet, but I also think we should cut back on eating out. We didn't go great at this since we bought a house in March. I think we stuck to it on January though.
  3. Increase 401k in February to 15% (it's currently at 11%). DONE!
  4. Increase Roth IRA an additional $50. Not done. The house has gotten in the way. Done!
  5. June: house savings should be at goal amount. We bought a house earlier than originally planned and actually had money left over after the down payment.
  6. Buy a house. DONE! We bought our house March 13th.
  7. July: increase new car savings amount. This will probably end up happening in September or later. This goal is moving to 2016
  8. October or earlier: student loans paid off. Currently on track to complete this goal! Completed in July!
  9. Emergency fund should be half way to goal amount by December 2015. Won't make this one. We'll be several thousand short.
New Goals - Summer 2015
I've come up with a list of house projects that I want to get done this summer. (I came up with this list several weeks ago, so that's why some items are already crossed off.)
  1. Paint front door. We just finished this, but I'm not sure I like the color. It's more kelly green than I was expecting. See Instagram photo here.
  2. Install house numbers. Done!. See Instagram photo here.
  3. Hang ancestry gallery wall in the dining room. Done! See Instagram photo here.
  4. Paint fireplace brick I just started working on this and will be done this week
  5. Buy dining room rug. I'm thinking about this one from Wayfair. Not done. I'm going to hold off on buying a rug.
  6. Hang sconces in dining room Done!
  7. Paint kitchen cabinets I'm not sure when we'll get to this.
  8. Paint all interior doors that are downstairs Done!
  9. Buy and install new doorknobs for downstairs Done!
  10. Install laundry room sink. Sam just did this a couple days ago.
  11. Buy powder bathroom vanity. I just bought one from Home Decorators Collection, but it isn't on their website anymore.
  12. Install baseboards in powder bathroom Done!
  13. Paint powder bathroom Done!
  14. Install the rest of the toilet, light fixture, and vanity in powder bathroom Done!
  15. Make curtains for breakfast nook Done!
  16. Make curtains for library Done!
  17. Paint stairwell Done!
Updated September 2015
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