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House Progress: phone edition

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I haven't had time to edit my photos on my nice camera, so all these photos were taken with my phone.

My mom painted the shelves that go in our pantry, and Finn was inspecting her work. Finn takes his job very seriously.

Here Finn is inspecting again. My mom was painting the hall closet.
bamboo flooring Our bamboo floors were installed next week, and all the flooring took up our entire library!

bamboo flooring with irish terrier
Here's Finn admiring the new flooring. He's so cute walking on the floors! He slides all over them! He hasn't gotten the hang of walking on these floors yet.

caulking door
 We had a very heavy rain last week, and found out that our front door leaks. The flooring installers couldn't install the bamboo on a wet sub-floor, so Sam pulled out the old caulk and then re-caulked. We had two box fans drying out the sub-floor all night long.

mowing the yard
 Sam mowed the front yard for the first time. He borrowed the lawnmower from a friend who lives in our neighborhood.

replacing light switches
 My mom and Sam switched out the almond and brass receptacles for white ones.

brass outlet covers
 So. Much. Brass. It was everywhere! And it didn't even match! We donated it all to the Habitat ReStore.

almond receptacles and outlet cover
 This is so much better!
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4 Responses to “House Progress: phone edition”

  1. I have loved following your renovations! I like the white receptacles so much better too!

  2. You guys are doing great! I love bamboo floors...great choice. Here's a tip I learned from a contractor friend: you can spray paint receptacles and covers to make them white! Cheaper, easier, and less likely to wire them wrong. :)

  3. I considered spray painting all the brass covers we had, but it seemed like more work for me. Especially since I would have to clean out the garage to have a place to spray paint! My dad offered to buy the covers and receptacles and my husband is an electrical engineer, so it seemed like the easier option :)

  4. Ashley, thanks so much for following along! I love the white receptacles! It looks so good with our white trim!


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