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Archive for April 2015

Wedding Wednesday: cake and eggs

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sam and I don't dance, so we didn't have a DJ at our wedding. I wanted to do something special together since we weren't going to have a first dance. When Sam asked me to be his girlfriend on our 2nd date, he played the guitar for me. It became one of our things to sing together while Sam played the guitar, so I thought it would be sweet to sing together at the reception.

singing at wedding
It took A LOT of convincing, but eventually I got him to agree. Neither of us had ever sung in public before, but when would we ever have a more supportive audience than at our very own wedding?!!

singing and guitar at wedding

 When Sam pulled out his guitar and started playing, he was incredibly nervous and had to stop. He turned to me and said, "I need a kiss." I guess that kiss gave him some courage because he was able to pick up the song from there.

singing and guitar at wedding

We sang "Cake and Eggs" by Deer Tick. Here's my favorite part of the song (it seems very "us"):

Foot massage, and I'll mow the lawn
And any little thing you want
I'd do it in an instant
For gravy and biscuits
So baby, turn that oven on

You can count on me
When you're in a jam and you need a hand I'm free
When you're in jail and you can't make bail I've got that money 

You can read the full lyrics here.

singing and guitar at wedding

All photos in this post were taken by White Rabbit Studios in Mooresville.

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Floors Installed!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We have floors and it's the best thing ever!

 photo rebecca-signature_zpsc9384346.png

House Progress: Instagram Edition

Monday, April 27, 2015

new lighting fixtures
 Sam has replaced all the light fixtures downstairs, except for the fixture that goes in the living room. It's on backorder from West Elm.
Top left: laundry room from West Elm (large size), top right: over the sink from Shades of Light, Bottom left: Breakfast nook from cb2, Bottom right: Entry light from local store Richard's Lighting

Benjamin Moore Seaweed West Elm lighting
 This is my room! The light fixture is from West Elm and the paint color is Benjamin Moore Seaweed.

Finn loves the new house, especially running up and down and up and down the stairs. He thinks it's a super fun game. I think it's time for a baby gate. This is Finn having break time after running up and down the stairs about 10 times.

The entire first floor has bamboo flooring, except for the laundry room which we tiled. My dad has lots of experience tiling and has all the equipment, like this tile saw, so he helped us out.

I helped do some grouting.

 Here's the finished room, which Finn looks so proud of!

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House Progress: phone edition

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I haven't had time to edit my photos on my nice camera, so all these photos were taken with my phone.

My mom painted the shelves that go in our pantry, and Finn was inspecting her work. Finn takes his job very seriously.

Here Finn is inspecting again. My mom was painting the hall closet.
bamboo flooring Our bamboo floors were installed next week, and all the flooring took up our entire library!

bamboo flooring with irish terrier
Here's Finn admiring the new flooring. He's so cute walking on the floors! He slides all over them! He hasn't gotten the hang of walking on these floors yet.

caulking door
 We had a very heavy rain last week, and found out that our front door leaks. The flooring installers couldn't install the bamboo on a wet sub-floor, so Sam pulled out the old caulk and then re-caulked. We had two box fans drying out the sub-floor all night long.

mowing the yard
 Sam mowed the front yard for the first time. He borrowed the lawnmower from a friend who lives in our neighborhood.

replacing light switches
 My mom and Sam switched out the almond and brass receptacles for white ones.

brass outlet covers
 So. Much. Brass. It was everywhere! And it didn't even match! We donated it all to the Habitat ReStore.

almond receptacles and outlet cover
 This is so much better!
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Wedding Wednesday: the speeches

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Our first wedding anniversary is quickly approaching (May 17th!), so I should probably wrap up all my Wedding Wednesday posts. My last wedding post was about our cakes and pies. Next up, in the wedding were the toasts and speeches. My dad went first.

His speech was very long! When we got the video back, we timed his speech and it was 15 minutes!

My sister Stephanie also gave a speech. My favorite part was when she said that if Sam and I had a baby, and it was a dog instead of a human, it would look like Finnegan! Aww!

Sam's best friend, Cory, was his best man and gave an excellent speech. Sam and Cory have been friends literally their entire lives (their grandparents and moms were best friends too), so I knew this would be a good speech. I've copied my favorite part below:

"Other than his shower jam sessions, his worst noise offense was in the winter of 2010. Rolla was forecasting the ‘Snowpocolypse’. The town was going to shut down, campus was probably going to close and we were going to be stuck in the apartment for what would
likely be a long 3 day weekend. The day before the storm Samuel got the fantastic idea that it was time for him to buy a musical instrument. Since I was already playing acoustic guitar he thought he could find an instrument and we could play together, plus it would give him something to do while we were stuck in the apartment for 3 days. So, what instrument did he decide to buy? After what I can only assume was minutes of online research he settled on the harmonica. In the hands of a well practiced artist (think Neil Young or Bob Dylan), I am a huge fan of the harmonica. In the hands of a man that has never played one, it is less than favorable.
Well, to cut to the point, Samuel did buy a harmonica, it did snow a lot, and we were stuck in the apartment. Even through closed doors, down a set of stairs and around the corner, there was no distance in that apartment that would allow you to get far enough away from the sound of Samuel learning how to tongue his harmonica. After about a couple of hours, he decided to embark on what might have ended up a 3 day journey of learning how to play ‘Merry Had a Little Lamb’ and ‘Frarajaka’. Luckily for Sam and I both, he did not have the tongue endurance to last on a 3 day harmonica marathon. If he had there is a pretty good chance neither of us would be here today.
Now on to the good part of the story. Sam mercifully gave up the harmonica and decided that he would give guitar a shot. So I loaned him my second guitar and he ran with it. So much so that he couldn’t put the thing down. He would play all the time. He’d play when he got up in the morning, he’d play in the bathroom, he’d play before he went to bed. He’d try to play while we were watching shows and movies. His hand would journey involuntarily to the guitar and, if you didn’t swat him with a rolled up newspaper, he’d start strumming and singing.
Luckily all the singing in the shower helped to develop his voice, so that wasn’t a nightmare.
If any of you have had the pleasure of hearing Sam play now a days he is quite talented and I’m sure one of the many things that helped him woo Rebecca (you’re welcome). Luckily I believe all of you will get to hear that tonight"

And then Cory said some sweet things, and Sam started crying while I sipped my tea. I love how in this photo I look so unaware that my new husband is sobbing right next to me (maybe I was? I can't even remember).

All photos in this post were taken by White Rabbit Studios in Mooresville.

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Library Progress

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The front room in our house is a formal living room, but we plan to use it as a library.

My dad has done a ton of painting in our house!

The floors were installed last week, and I'll post photos of that soon! It looks great!
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Living Room and Hall

Monday, April 20, 2015

The very first thing we did in our house was scrape the popcorn ceilings. It's pretty easy to do, just very messy, hence the shower cap I'm wearing. Isn't this a glamorous look for me?!!
I used my mom's garden sprayer to saturate the ceiling with water. The trick is to really soak the ceilings, and some of the popcorn falls off on its own without any scraping! 

Sam was very dusty after sanding the ceilings!

Sam's parents and aunt visited, and they were a huge help! His parents painted the living room windows and Aunt Margie washed the windows in the front of the house. My mom and step-mom washed the windows in this room. My parents painted this room. I don't know where we would be without the help of our family!

 Sam's parents painting

my mom (left) and my step-mom (right) washing windows

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