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Archive for March 2015

Renovation Ideas: Powder Bath and Laundry

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I've already posted about my renovation ideas for the Library and Dining Room, and the Kitchen and Family Room. Today's post is all about the powder bath and laundry. Since these rooms are both very small, I feel like I can get creative with the finishes. Smaller rooms = cheaper finishes. I'm putting wallpaper in both these rooms because I've been dying to use wallpaper, and I doubt I could afford it in a larger room.

Photo is from the listing

Everything in the powder room is being replaced. Here are the sources:
The wallpaper is pretty expensive, so that project probably won't happen right away. I purchased a mirror from an antique store and painted it Pantone Emerald, which I think looks more teal than emerald.

Our original plan was the wait a few months to tile the laundry room floor, but it's so awful that we're just going to do it before moving in. My dad has lots of tiling experience and a tile saw, so he will be helping Sam with that project. This is the only room downstairs that won't have bamboo floors.

I plan to wallpaper two walls in the laundry room - the back wall and the wall opposite the washer and dryer. I've asked my mom to help me hang the paper since she has lots of experience. This is the only thing I've already bought for the laundry room.

In a few months (or years), I want to replace the wire shelf with wall cabinets. I would love to paint them a minty green to match the wallpaper.

I like both these light fixtures for the laundry room:

 photo rebecca-signature_zpsc9384346.png

Renovation Ideas: Family Room and Kitchen

Monday, March 30, 2015

Last week I wrote about my plans for the rooms in the front of the house. Today I'm posting about the rooms in the back of the house.

 The living room is in the back of the house, behind the library.

Sam really wanted to keep the fireplace wood, and I wanted to paint it. We made a deal that we would live with the wood fireplace for a year before making any decisions.

The whole house inside and outside has that dirty tan trim color. I hate it! All the trim inside will be painted bright white. We can't afford to have the exterior of our house painted right now, so we'll just live with it.

I plan to use the $50 sofa that I got from Final Cut in this room. We'll reuse all our other furniture, but eventually I would like to get a longer TV stand.

Since making these boards, I've changed my mind about the paint color. I painted 5 samples on the walls, and Sam and I are both leaning towards the color in the middle - Moonstone.

The kitchen and breakfroom room are behind the dining room.
 Neither of us where crazy about the chair rail in this room. It fell just below the cabinet height, which felt really awkward in the room, especially up close. Sam has already ripped it out.
It seems really weird to have a ceiling fan in the kitchen (supposedly this was popular in the 80's), so we're moving it to the family room. Sam removed the can light above the sink when we were scraping the ceilings, and he broke it while he was taking it down. That's just fine with me! I love any excuse to get a new light fixture!

The new bamboo floors will be going in the kitchen, and we're going to paint the walls and trim and get a new dishwasher and fridge before moving in. We hope to paint the cabinets in the next few months. Instead of the Maritime White paint color in the board above, I've decided on Swiss Coffee, also by Benjamin Moore.

I've already bought three new light fixtures for this space:
From Wayfair, this light will go in the kitchen where the ceiling fan currently is located.

From Shades of Light, this will go above the sink

From cb2 (I'll be using more attractive bulbs), this fixture will go in the breakfast nook.

My next post will be about the laundry room and powder bathroom.

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Renovation Ideas: Dining Room and Library

Thursday, March 26, 2015

We have been working on the house every single day since we closed on the 13th. Here's what we've accomplished so far:
  • March 13-15: Sam pulled up all the flooring downstairs, I scraped the popcorn ceilings
  • March 16-19: Sam finished scraping the kitchen ceilings. For some reason the popcorn was not coming off in that room. Then he started patching and sanding the ceilings. I vacummed up all the popcorn and dust off the subfloors.
  • March 23-26: I sanded the trim in the front rooms, then I washed the walls and the trim. Sam is still working on the ceilings.
  • Weekend of the 27th: I hope to start painting the trim and maybe some walls. Hopefully Sam will finish the ceiling work.
I'm going to start on my ideas for the front rooms of the house because these are the rooms I'm actively working on right now.

This is the entry. Sam already pulled up the floors in the entire first floor, including the wood floors here. We are getting all new bamboo wood floors and we wanted all the floors downstairs to match. The bamboos will be everywhere downstairs, except for the laundry room.

I don't have any big plans for the entry right now. Obviously we'll be getting new floors and painting. I've been looking for a new light fixture, but Sam and I haven't agreed on anything yet.

To the left of the entry is the formal living room, which we plan to use as a library.

This room will be getting new floors, bright white trim, and a neutral gray wall color. Next year we want to add built-ins to the back wall.

I just bought green velvet fabric and blue trim for the curtains in this room:

The formal dining room is to the right of the entry:

All the molding will be painted bright white, and the area below the chair rail will also be white. Above the chair rail will be Benjamin Moore Seaweed. We're getting a new table and chairs from Sam's parents. It's the dining room set that Sam grew up with. I have no idea what it looks like, but they will be bringing it Easter weekend. I also want to get this light fixture from West Elm, but I'm waiting for it to go on sale.

In my next post I'll share my plans for the rooms in the back of the house: the family room, powder bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room.

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Our house hunt, part 3

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I can't believe it's been an entire month since I blogged! I really don't know how people manage to renovate their homes and blog at the same time. Obviously, I can't seem to juggle the two.

new house in snow
 we got record snowfall in February! This is a blizzard in Alabama.

The last time I blogged about our house hunt, I mentioned that we were waiting to see if the seller would fix all the inspection issues. Here's what we asked to get fixed (listed from most expensive to cheapest):
  • the crawl space was full of mold and water and didn't have a moisture barrier
  • the heat pump was out and we asked it to be repaired
  • there was wood rot around the windows in the back of the house
  • several of the deck boards were rotted
  • the gas fireplace wouldn't turn on
  • the garage doors wouldn't open
  • the bonus room had a broken window
  • there were no GFCI outlets in the entire house
This was such a long list and we didn't expect the seller to agree to everything, especially since we offered significantly under the asking price. Much to our surprise, the seller agreed to fix everything! The biggest surprise was that they ended up replacing all the deck boards and the stairs, even though we didn't ask them to! All of these repairs ended up costing the seller a little over $10,000 (I think half of that was just the crawlspace)!

irish terrier in snow
Finn ADORES his backyard!!
We closed on the house on Friday, March 13th, and immediately started tearing the floors out. Tomorrow I'll start sharing some of my renovation plans.
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