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Wedding Wednesday: champagne and cutting the cake

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We skipped a couple of the reception traditions, like tossing the garter and bouquet, but we did include the champagne bride and groom toast and cutting the cake.

I got our champagne glasses at Anthropologie. They're from the Galleria Collection.

Our height difference made the champagne toast a little complicated.

We eventually got the hang of it after Sam squatted down.

We had 5 difference cakes and 4 pies (I'll post about that next week). We decided to cut the salted caramel cake because we were most excited about that flavor.

To cut the cake we used my great-great grandparents cake knife that was used at their wedding in 1895.

After (nicely) exchanging our cake bites, Sam cut a huge piece of cake and we split it. It was delicious!
Next week I'll go into more detail about our cakes!


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5 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday: champagne and cutting the cake ”

  1. I love your take on the traditional champagne glass. Anthropologie carries some great stuff, don't they? :-) Love their housewares even though they are a bit pricey. Haven't shopped there in ages, though. Looks like everything is coming along...

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. Those glasses are perfect! I love the colors. I may have to find some similar!

  3. Love the unique champagne glasses and how well they match with your green cardigan. And what a great tradition to use our Grandparents cake cutting knife. I can't wait to hear more about these cakes next week.

  4. I cannot wait to read all about the different kinds of cakes!! They look amazing! I love the champagne glasses you used and Asti is our FAVORITE!! Thanks for linking up this week.

  5. Anthropologie stuff are so pretty, aren't they? Your wedding was simple and lovely. I want to keep mine simple too. :)


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