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Our house hunt, Part 2

Thursday, February 5, 2015

In mid-January I posted that Sam and I had started looking at houses. Then a couple weeks later, I posted that we bought a house. If that seems like a quick house hunt, that's because it was! I wanted to go back and give more detail about how we picked our house.

Last month Sam showed me some houses online and mentioned that maybe we should start looking. We've looked at houses online for years and haven't found anything we liked at all. There just didn't seem to be much inventory the past few years. We talked about building a house, and we found a neighborhood and a floor plan that we both loved.

Based on houses we saw online, we could buy an ugly dated house from the 1990's or build a brand new, pretty house for the exact same price. Building seemed like the way to go.

Then in January, Sam found several houses that he really liked online. We decided to start looking at houses, (already built) and if we didn't find anything we liked about 2 or 3 months, then we would build. In mid-January we looked at 5 houses in one day. The last house we looked at was our house. We both loved it after seeing the house in person. I just knew right away that it was The House. I could see us living there.

We saw the house again on January 24th and then made an offer on the 25th. The inspection was on Monday and several big issues came up. Nothing very surprising to us because we had already looked through the house with a fine toothed comb. The biggest issues are that the crawl space is filled with water and mold and the moisture barrier isn't installed and the heat pump for the upstairs is out. We've asked the seller to fix everything, and now we're waiting to hear back. All this waiting is the hardest part!
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6 Responses to “Our house hunt, Part 2”

  1. It's so good that you were able to finally find a house that was perfect for you! Hopefully everything works out and the seller will agree to fix all of the stuff so you could move in soon :)

  2. Good luck! I hope they come back and fix everything. I really hope they fix the crawl space and mold issues. I think the other issues aren't that bad and you can do those yourself, but I imagine the mold will take some time to get that fixed.

  3. Kasi, they agreed to fix everything and we are so excited! Everything has just worked out so perfectly with this house!

  4. Kristyn, we just heard back and the seller has agreed to fix everything! The crawl space issues were our biggest concern and very expensive to fix, so we are so relieved they the seller is fixing everything!

  5. Great job on finding the house. I just got done helping one of my tenants purchase a house. I have a great program for my tenants, I let them out of their lease easy, and give them $500 to boot.

  6. Wow, at least you're in the waiting part. Some, like me are still in the looking and dreaming stage. Good luck!


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