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January Grocery Challenge

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

In 2014 we spent about $650/month on groceries on average. Considering that we also spent about $350-400/month eating out, our budget seemed a bit high. Starting in January, we wanted to significantly reduce our eating out spending. My initial goal was to keep the same budget of $650 for groceries and just eat out less. My reasoning was that by eating at home more we'll may spend more on groceries.

Sam came up with an idea to change up our eating habits for the month of January. We used to cook 6 days a week, and that's really time consuming to do the meal planning, shopping and cooking for that many meals. Sam's idea was to cook 3 times a week and eat our leftovers for dinner on the other nights. We used to eat our leftovers for lunch, but we decided instead to start taking sandwiches.

We tried this new routine for the whole month of January, and it felt so life changing! By cooking less, I felt like we had so much free time! We decided to fill up our new found free time by going to yoga 2x a week.

We also managed to spend less on groceries in January, which was an added bonus. In January we spent $533, which is $177 under budget and we still ate several expensive meals (like roast). I'm glad that we spent less, but what I'm most happy about is how relaxing our evenings have become. It's been so nice not cooking everyday, so we plan to continue this routine for the rest of the year.

How often do you cook dinner?

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6 Responses to “January Grocery Challenge”

  1. thats a great goal! i eat out too much too! eating at home is healthier for your body & Wallet!! Good challenge!

  2. Having this plan in place has really cut back on our eating out. In January we spent half of our usual amount on eating out!

  3. Places like these are my happy place! Those greens and lovely buys get my heart beating fast every time. :)

    Good luck in your goal. May 2015 be your healthiest year yet. :)

  4. That's a great idea! We (3 of us - me, husband, stepdaughter) spend probably $100/week on groceries and eat out once/week usually. Often times, we use a Groupon or certificate. I also only like to cook dinner 3-4 times per week. I despise cooking every night M-F after work, lol.

  5. Thanks! So far we are really enjoying all the free time that we have available now. Cooking 6 days a week takes a lot of time!

  6. Rachel, me too! Cooking every single day is so exhausting!


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