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Anthropologie Outlet Store Final Cut

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

At the beginning of December, my sister Stephanie and I drove to August, GA, to Final Cut. Final Cut is the final clearance center for Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Free People and BHLDN. I first heard about the store from my friend Megan's blog. She took a trip there earlier in the summer.

Ever since I mentioned the store to my sister, she has been dying to go. She would check Final Cut's Facebook page practically everyday. The first weekend in December, Final Cut had a sidewalk sale where they were selling damage or broken furniture. Of course that's the day we went.
Anthropologie outlet Final Cut sidewalk sale

Anthropologie outlet Final Cut Urban Outfitters sofa
I bought this green sofa for $50. The legs are broken, but other than that it's in perfect condition. At the time I bought it, the sofa was listed on Urban Outfitter's website for $700 brand new. 

Anthropologie outlet Final Cut clothes
The inside of the store is a mess! Half of the store is clothing and the other half is home decor. I wasn't very impressed with the clothing prices. Sweaters, dresses and pants were $20. Skirts, shorts and tops were $15. They also have wedding dresses from BHLDN for around $100-300, but they were all hideous.

Anthropologie outlet Final Cut clothes
 Considering that I would have to spend hours digging through boxes for clothes, those prices didn't seem worth it to me. I made two passes through the clothing to see if anything caught my eye. I tried on about 5 items and ended up buying a sweater.

Anthropologie outlet Final Cut rugs
I spent most of my time in the home section of the store.  5x7 rugs were $200. 8x10 rugs were $300. Door mat size rugs were $50.

Anthropologie outlet Final Cut home section
The prices were all over the place with the furniture. Some of the sofas were $2000 and some were $150.

Anthropologie outlet Final Cut furniture

Anthropologie outlet Final Cut furniture
A couple bloggers mentioned that there were signs posted saying that photos weren't allowed, but that wasn't the case when I went.

Anthropologie outlet Final Cut furniture

Anthropologie warehouse clearance store
My sister ended up buying a chair, two rugs, two duvet covers and some clothes. I think she spent around $250. I just bought the sofa and a sweater. 

Anthropologie warehouse clearance store
On our way back home, we stopped at Ikea in Atlanta and bought more stuff. Somehow everything fit in my car! Final Cut is definitely worth a stop, but it's a good idea to check out the Facebook page before going. I would love to go back in a couple months after we buy a house!
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3 Responses to “Anthropologie Outlet Store Final Cut”

  1. I am so glad you go to go! There was way more home stuff when you went than when I did. I guess the inventory just fluctuates all the time. I cannot believe the deal you got on that sofa!

  2. I know! I love the sofa! I'm so surprised Sam let me get it because the day before I went to Final Cut, he said that he was glad we were done with all our projects. Not anymore! Ha!

  3. Jealous....and where is this place? aklfjaklsjdalkdjs! I need to go!


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