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DeSoto Falls/Little River Canyon

Monday, January 19, 2015

Back in November, Sam, Finn, and I along with my sister Stephanie went for a day trip to DeSoto State Park, Little River Canyon, Mentone AL and went for a scenic drive. We started off the trip in Mentone, AL and ate at the Wildflower Cafe. Mentone is a super cute town with lots of artsy stores. I've been a couple times and I love eating at Wildflower Cafe whenever I'm in Mentone.
Wildflower Cafe Mentone AL

DeSoto State Park AL
DeSoto State Park and Falls were beautiful in the fall! DeSoto State Park was named at Hernando de Soto who visited Alabama in 1540.

Finn was not having a good photo day. Too many distractions.

DeSoto State Park Falls AL
I played around with the shutter speed of my camera to get different images of the Falls. I'm not sure which one I like best. What do you think?

DeSoto State Park Falls AL

Little River Canyon Falls AL
After leaving DeSoto State Park, we drove to Little River Canyon. Little River Canyon is said to be the Grand Canyon of the South because it's the deepest canyon east of the Mississippi.

Little River Canyon Falls AL
Little River Falls

Little River Canyon AL
After we saw the main falls of Little River Canyon, we drove along the entire canyon that had numerous scenic spots to pull off the road.

Little River Canyon AL mushroom rock
This was one of my favorite spots: Mushroom Rock.

Little River Canyon AL wolf creek overlook
View from the Wolf Creek Overlook

little river canyon scenic drive with irish terrier
He might not look like it from this photo, but Finn loves his Aunt Stephanie!

Sallie Howard Memorial Chapel Mentone AL
We ended our trip at Sallie Howard Memorial Chapel, which is a church built into a huge boulder. I've lived in Alabama my whole life and I didn't even know this place existed until I saw it on Pinterest!

Sallie Howard Memorial Chapel Mentone AL

Sallie Howard Memorial Chapel Mentone AL
This was Finn's time in church

 photo rebecca-signature_zpsc9384346.png

2 Responses to “DeSoto Falls/Little River Canyon”

  1. My husband and I have taken our daughter out there during the summer to swim. The pools make for great swimming!

  2. Love Desoto! I've only been once that I can remember, but it was gorgeous!


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