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Currently Vol 9 (house hunting edition)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Reading// I started reading The Fortune Hunter because I loved the author's previous book, American Heiress. The book is historical fiction about Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Some of the (true parts) of the book sounded familiar, and then I realized that we went to the Empress' palace in Corfu, Greece on our honeymoon!

The Fortune Hunter

Achilleion Palace Empress Elisabeth
Achilleion Palace: Empress Elisabeth barely spent any time at this palace in Greece

Doing// House Hunting! We started last week! Our realtor sent us about 25 houses and we narrowed that list down to about 12 houses that we wanted to see in person. Sam fell in love with a brick traditional house just based on the photos. I think he was dreaming about moving in before we even saw it in person!

On Wednesday we toured the first batch of houses and saw 5 houses in the afternoon.I really liked a foreclosure that we looked at, but Sam went on and on about all the things he didn't like about it. I told him that if he felt that strongly against that house, then it obviously wasn't The One. The last house we looked at was Sam's dream house, and I really loved it too after walking through. Our realtor told us it was overpriced for the neighborhood, and I agree. It needs a lot of work. All the floors need to be replaced and we think the roof and HVAC are old. I asked our realtor to find out how old everything is and we'll go from there.
I just love the big South facing windows in the living room! Our current apartment faces North (Sam prefers that direction) and it's dark ALL THE TIME!

Right now// We're in St Louis visiting with Sam's family. We weren't able to see them at Christmas because we went to Rochester, NY to see my mom's family. Since we both have Monday off work, it seemed like a good time to visit family and friends.

Anticipating// Sometime this week or maybe next week, I'm supposed to go to Boston for work. I'm not exactly looking forward to the weather, but it will be nice to get out of the office. The last time I was in Boston was in 2009.
This is where I'll be - the USS Constitution. I'm working on the barracks renovations and window treatments.

Dreaming// About buying a house! We're going to see the house again on Tuesday, so I should have more updates soon!

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3 Responses to “Currently Vol 9 (house hunting edition)”

  1. wish I could go to Boston with you. love it.

  2. Ahh home buying. It's stressful. I'm lucky that I bought my place before we were married, so Jeremy didn't have a say in the matter. I'm a bit nervous when we start looking together, because I don't know if we will ever find something we both love. We will see!

  3. Yes, home buying can be both exciting and stressful in the same breathe, hehe. We purchased a flat years ago which took a lot of renovating and it was at times, nauseating. But we pulled through, hehe. Enjoy Boston!

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