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Archive for August 2014

Bridesmaid gifts

Friday, August 29, 2014

I gave each of my bridesmaids a monogrammed bag filled with a checked green monogrammed getting ready shirt, a knot ring (I couldn't tie the knot without you!), a statement necklace to wear at the wedding, and soap made at 1818 Farms, where we would be getting ready.

The bags were purchased on Etsy at The Palm Gifts
 I picked a different bag for each girl in their favorite color. This is Megan's bag.

This is Stephanie's bag. Funny story about the monogram...I purchased these bags probably right after we got engaged in September. Stephanie was not engaged at the time, and I didn't even know she was that serious about her boyfriend! But then she got married in November (the wedding was planned in three weeks)! I ended up telling Stephanie about the bag, and she said that she didn't mind it being with her old monogram (and technically, she hasn't even changed her name yet).
Soap from 1818 Farms

The rings were purchased from TheLoveKnotShop via a deal from GroopDealz.

All photos below by White Rabbit Studios
Here's Abigail wearing her ring

The shirts were purchased at the Gap. My shirt is from Anthropologie

Each bridesmaid had a different necklace purchased from GroopDealz.

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Bachelorette Party Cooking Class

Thursday, August 28, 2014

All my bridesmaids live out of town, so it just wasn't feasible for us to get together for a bachelorette party until the Thursday before the wedding. I didn't want to do anything wild and crazy (not my personality at all), so I asked Stephanie (my maid of honor) to set up a cooking class for the group.

Stephanie booked our class through It's Thyme to Cook and we went with a Kentucky Derby theme. I asked everyone to wear a hat to the class.

Here we are in our aprons and hats ready to cook!

We were each in charge of different parts of the menu. Stephanie made cucumber sandwiches.

Megan made pear crostini's

She's grilling the pears here

Melissa is busy working on her sweet tea tart for dessert.

Suzanne and I worked together to make the main dish: Kentucky Hot Brown Tart (click link for the recipe)

Right before going in the oven.

On the left: gorgonzola-grilled pear crostini. On the right: Benedictine cucumber tea sandwiches

The finished Kentucky Hot Brown Tart

Sweet tea icebox tart
After the food was all cooked, we got to enjoy everyone's hard work! The instructor created a beautiful table with an antique quilt used as a tablecloth, topped with hard crocheted place mats, and a mix of china.

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Wedding Wednesday: Will you be my bridesmaid?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I ordered these custom "Will you be my bridesmaid" hankies from Etsy. They came with an envelope and sweet card. I mailed them to my three bridesmaids. I gave Abigail, my junior bridesmaid, her's in person since she lives close by. She got SO EXCITED! She read the card, gasped a little, and then jumped up and down and said, "Mom, can I?" Her mom laughed and said yes (I had already talked to her about it). I'm so glad I got to see Abigail's reaction! It was so sweet!

Stephanie took a picture when she received hers. She was living in Germany at the time.

All photos below were taken by White Rabbit Studios
I asked the girls to save their hankies to wrap around their bouquets on the wedding day.

I'm out of town for the rest of the week (going to Charleston!), but I have two more wedding posts lined up for the remainer of the week: my Bachelorette party and Bridesmaid gifts

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Crate and Barrel Bar Cabinet

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We registered for the Monaco bar cabinet at Crate and Barrel, not because we expected anyone to buy it for us, but because we knew we would get a discount after our wedding had passed. We got a couple gift cards as wedding gifts and combined those with our registry discount. We purchased it online but decided to pick it up in the store to save the shipping. We were planning to go to St Louis for 4th of July, so it seemed like the perfect time to pick up the cabinet.

Sam was really, really excited!! I think it was the happiest day of his life (except for marring me, of course!). Sam had been wanting a bar cabinet since he first saw the options at Crate and Barrel back when he was in college. He joked that if he knew marrying me would get him a bar cabinet, he would have married me earlier.

Here it is in our apartment!

Finn approves!
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Weekend Recap

Monday, August 25, 2014

Our weekend started off pretty fun on Friday. It was Sam's company's 40th anniversary dinner, which took place at the Space and Rocket Center. We ate dinner underneath the Saturn V rocket and then watched a very funny video about the history of the company.

The outdoor Saturn V

And then Sam tried throwing me in the air

On Saturday we went to the Sausage Fest at Blue Pants with some friends. I was in a pretty cranky mood, but I felt better after eating lots of sausage! Despite the high being in the upper 90's, it was a  very fun event.

I spent the rest of the weekend on Sunday reading cheesy romance novels! I made salmon, soba noodles, and zucchini for dinner, and we watched the 3rd episode of Outlander while we ate. I've read all the books (multiple times!) and I'm loving the show so far.

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Weekend Recap
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