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Receiving Line

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Brick Church Mooresville Wedding
 We decided to do a receiving line right after our wedding ceremony. I have been to numerous weddings where the bride and groom never talked their guests! I didn't want to be one of those people. Most of our guests traveling from out of state to attend our wedding, and it was important to us to greet and talk to all our guests.
Brick Church Mooresville Wedding receiving line
Our parents, Sam, and I all stood in front of the church and as all the guests were leaving, we talked to everyone.

Brick Church Mooresville Wedding receiving line
My Mama hugging me

Brick Church Mooresville Wedding receiving line
Me and Sam's aunt

I know a lot of people consider receiving lines to be old fashioned, but as a guest it can be upsetting to travel out of town for the wedding and then not even have the bride and groom acknowledge your presence (yes, this happened to me).

Brick Church Mooresville Wedding receiving line

Brick Church Mooresville Wedding receiving line

After all the guests were on their way to the reception, we rang the church bell, which I mentioned in our ceremony post. Supposedly, the number of times you ring the bell, is the number of children you'll have!

Brick Church Mooresville Wedding

All photos taken by White Rabbit Studios

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3 Responses to “Receiving Line”

  1. We did a receiving line with our parents, as well. I'm so happy we did, too. We went to a wedding 2 weeks after ours and the bride couldn't be bothered to come over and say hello. The groom was great, but I was pretty turned off that we drove 8 hours each way and she didn't even say hello. Sorry, rant over haha!

  2. We weren't planning on a receiving line, but we had an improptu one anyways. It ended up working out well, but it wasn't part of our plan. I actually am not a huge fan of them, but now - I have changed my mind. I was able to talk to almost everyone (for those that went through the line) and I got to hug a lot of people. I didn't make it around to all the tables, so I am happy we had a receiving line to help us see most people.


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