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Mr and Mrs Wedding Portraits

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I wanted to take all our photos before the wedding, so we could spend time with our guests after the ceremony. We had photos taken during our First Look. And a couple weeks I posted our portraits with our dog, Finn. After the photos with Finn we were supposed to take some portraits of just us, but we were running late on our timeline. We ended up taking our portraits after the ceremony, which didn't take long at all.
Wedding Portrait with shoes

Wedding Portrait in Mooresville AL
 We took these photos around the tiny town of Mooresville. It really feels more like a neighborhood than a town because only around 50 people live there.

Wedding Portrait in Mooresville AL

Wedding Portrait in Mooresville AL

Wedding Portrait Mooresville 1818 Farms

Wedding Portrait Mooresville post office
 This photo was taken at the back wall of the oldest post office in the state of Alabama.

Wedding Portrait 1818 Farms Mooresville
These photos were taken at 1818 Farms, which is where we got ready and had our wedding party photos taken

Wedding Portrait Mooresville AL

Wedding Portrait 1818 Farms Mooresville chicken coop

All photos in this post were taken by White Rabbit Studios in Mooresville.

Coming up next week:
The time I held a newborn lambie and other animals from 1818 Farms.


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16 Responses to “Mr and Mrs Wedding Portraits”

  1. These pictures are gorgeous, as usual. I love them! Just beautiful!

  2. LOVE the area you took the photos! It looks beautiful!

  3. These are absolutely beautiful!

  4. Macy I know, right!! We took most of the photos at 1818 Farms, which I'll post more about next week!

  5. Thank you Samantha! I love the town of Mooresville and 1818 Farms where we took our photos!

  6. Thanks Cassie! I loved how our photos turned out!

  7. I'm such a fan of your photos! They are so beautiful, and really natural looking. I like that style of wedding photography. I think wedding photos are one of the most important things about planning a wedding, so I will definitely do a lot of research before picking someone to do it!

  8. These are amazing & i really love the bow on your dress!!

  9. Everything is you might swear these were taken in Ireland! Did you plan on the greenest greens being in bloom for your photos? :) jk...sortof....

  10. Ha! You are so right! We really lucked out with the weather and everything being in bloom!

  11. Thanks Kara! The bow wasn't on the originally dress, so I had the seamstress add it during alterations.

  12. Kasi, this timing of this comment is so funny! I JUST wrote something very similar in the guest post I'm writing for your blog!


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