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Currently, Vol 6

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Anticipating all the fun things happening in November! Our current plans are to go camping this weekend in the Little River Canyon/DeSoto Falls area. I'm trying to convince my mom and my sister Stephanie to go, but my mom wasn't too thrilled about the cold weather in the forecast.

The weekend of the 8th, Stephanie and I are considering a trip to Ft Benning (her future home) and then Ikea in Atlanta.

The weekend of the 16th, Sam and I are going to the beach! Sam has a work trip in Destin, and since work is paying for his condo on the beach, I'm going to be tagging along!

Thankful For - I don't think I've mentioned this on the blog, but my sister Stephanie is temporarily living with us. Her job in Charleston was seasonal, and now she's living with us until her husband comes back to America (he's currently stationed in Germany) and they move to Ft Benning. I told her she could live with us if she helps with the meal planning and does my grocery shopping. Actually, she's at the grocery store right this very second. It doesn't matter how little is on my shopping list, I never spend less than $120 at the grocery store.  On the other hand, Stephanie only buys what is on the list so this is saving me a lot of money!

Since Stephanie left to attend college at Niagara University in 2009 and then Germany in 2013 we haven't spent much time together. But now we see each other everyday!

Dreaming about buying a house. We go back and forth about whether we should build or buy. Our current plan is to start looking at houses in February and then decide if we want to build or not. This is the latest floor plan that we've been looking at:

Organizing - I've finally started going through leftover wedding stuff. When Stephanie moved in, I just piled everything into our craft room, which Sam isn't too thrilled about. I started working on sorting the piles and took a few things to the thrift store.

Laughing at - this photo of Finn sleeping on my head!

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2 Responses to “Currently, Vol 6”

  1. I LOVE your bright green blog design & your header photos are amazing! Gorgeous!!!!
    Super cute house plans!! I would love to build a house some day.
    That is sooo wonderful that you are able to spend some time with your sister right now. You will never forget this time in your life.

    Stopping by from the Link up ~Becky with Choose Happy

  2. ooh that house floor plan is soo sweet! I love it! We love our current house but would love to build someday too. Although like you, we definitely go back and fourth about it. I have a lot of land that was left to me so thats a bonus! :) Can't wait to hear about your camping trip! I love camping and its been so hard to go since having the kiddos!


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