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Civil War Reenactment

Friday, October 3, 2014

This last weekend, Sam and I went to a Civil War Reenactment in Pilot Knob, Missouri. We met up with his parents, sister, brother-in-law, and nepew Nathaniel. Sam and his dad have been participating in reenactments since Sam was 12 years old.

Sam and his dad fight on the Union side, and all these photos were taken at the Union Camp.

This is how soldiers store their guns when they aren't in use. Sam's reenactment gun is taller than me (I'm 5 feet)!

Sweet Finn at the reenactment. He started off in good spirits, but the Union cannon fire traumatized him! Poor baby! I had to hold him during the entire battle and whisper soothing words into his ears.

This was the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Pilot Knob, which was a Union victory. As a symbolic gesture, the Confederate reenactors shoots hands with the Union reenactors after the battle.

Here's Sam (2nd person from the right)! For this reenactments he was promoted to 1st Sgt. He's usually a Corporal, and his dad is usually a 1st Sgt.

Sam was with the group of reenactors that slept at the local Courthouse, hiked 3 miles up a steep mile, fought the Confederates in the woods, and then walked another mile to the Fort. And they had to carry all their gear (you can see their backpacks in this photo). Sam said it was the most physically draining reenactment he's ever done.

After the battle, Sam was most excited to see Finn (not me). But I don't really blame him. We're crazy dog parents.

This reenactment had a full kitchen, which isn't typical, but this reenactment is larger than others. Sam ate chili for lunch and deer sausage and gravy for breakfast.

Sam's reenactment group is called the Holmes Brigade, and they take this stuff pretty seriously. Everything they wear from their underwear (yes, even underwear!) to their shoes is period correct.

They drink their water out of canteens (not coolers filled with cold beverages) and sleep on the hard ground.

Union jackets drying on the side of the tents. The uniform is wool, so the reenactors get very hot and sweaty.

Finn was very popular at the reenactment! I've never been asked so many questions before about him! Every time I got up to walk around, someone would stop me and ask what breed he was (irish terrier).

Sam and his dad.

Petersen family photo!

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2 Responses to “Civil War Reenactment”

  1. I had no idea that reenactments were so indepth. I love that you were able to go with Finn. Obviously, he didn't like the canons, but I don't think I would have liked those going off either. Do you plan on going again next year?

  2. This particular reenactment is only every 4 years. I'm sure I'll go to other reenactments though. It was more fun than I was expecting!


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