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Ceremony Details

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

While planning our wedding, I read tons of wedding blogs. I also loved reading blogs that talked about how to cut back on wedding costs. One tip that I read several times was to cut back on details because "no one notices or remembers details". That advice was definitely not true in my case! Some of my favorite and most vivid memories of our wedding are the details. And we had an abundance of details!

Mooresville Old Brick Church
the steeple of the church is a hand pointing to God

in between the columns of the church we had this dresser and decorations

I got this sign on Etsy

I designed the programs and Sam's sister drew the church on the cover

These fans are from BHLDN. I thought it would be super hot in May in Alabama, but it was actually 
the coolest day of the month!

church interior

for our pew decorations, we hung ancestry photos

as our ceremony backdrop, we had a paper flower garland

each window of the church was decorated with vintage, green items

All photos in this post were taken by White Rabbit Studios in Mooresville.

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10 Responses to “Ceremony Details”

  1. Oh my gosh SWOON! I love everything about your wedding!

  2. MY GOODNESS! Well geez. With a gorgeous wedding like that how could you NOT remember the details! This is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Love it all! Everything looks amazing!

  4. Well, if there's one thing I love, it's the details. Everything is so gorgeous and obviously well thought out! Absolutely love the dresser decor!!

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous details! Wow. So much thought went into your details - it's amazing!

  6. Love love love. Dying over these details! Totally worth it, 100%.
    We also had our venue illustrated as part of our suite, which I still love to pull out and see. Such a special place for us, as I'm sure the church is for you two!

  7. Wow, those details are wonderful! I love the ceremony programs and the mix of old and new with the antiques and your paper garland! Seriously -the color is amazing! What a beautiful ceremony.

  8. Absolutely beautiful details! I love the details and it makes me sad when couples take them out for budgetary reasons - they are a part of what makes the day unique!

  9. Found this on the Wedding Wednesday linkup, but absolutely loooooove allll the details! Such a gorgeous wedding. The pew markers are such a good idea!

  10. Thanks Lindsey! Welcome! The details were my favorite part of the wedding. I loved working on all the DIY aspects.


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