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Wedding Wednesday - Portraits with Finnegan

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sam really wanted to get wedding photos with Finn. I was a little uncertain because Finn gets really excited when he sees me and likes to jump on me. I wasn't sure how that would work with me wearing a wedding dress. I also wasn't sure logistically how Finn would get to our venue because it's not like we could just stick him in the car while we were getting ready. A friend volunteered to bring Finn for photos and then take him home, so that part all worked out great! As far as the jumping goes, Sam just tried to prevent Finn from getting too excited. I'm so glad we have these photos with our dog child, because they ended up being our favorites from the day!
Our photographer commented how well behaved Finn was, and I think it's because there were lots of treats involved. That's also why he's looking so intently at the camera. What you can't see is our friend was standing behind the camera waving treats in the air.

In order to get a treat, Finn has to sit, then shake, and then he gets his treat. I just love that our photographer was able to capture Finn's "treat face". He gets a very excited expression when he's about to get a treat.

My favorites! The photo on the right is our Christmas card photo.

Our little family! Sam, Rebecca, and Finnegan Petersen!
All photos in this post were taken by White Rabbit Studios in Mooresville.

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13 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday - Portraits with Finnegan”

  1. I think it's so sweet that you guys included Finn into your wedding photos! All of them look lovely :)

  2. Finnegan is just the cutest! And so well behaved!! xo

  3. Aww loving these pictures! Your dog looks so well behaved (even if there were treats involved my dog would be running trying to get to them LOL)! He's so cute in his bow tie too!

    <3, Pamela

  4. Your furbaby is adorable! Nick and I are definitely getting pictures with our dogs. They're family, they can't be left out!

  5. Exactly! Finn is like our child, so of course we got photos with him!

  6. Thank you Pamela! We think he's so well behaved in crowds because he gets overly stimulated so he starts acting really shy. Ha!

  7. Thank you Janelle! I think it was the treats that did it!

  8. These are just adorable! I think there is something to having your dog around that helps everyone relax on what can be a stressful day.

  9. Thank you Kasi! I'm so glad we did it because these ended up being our favorite photos!

  10. Oh my goodness how cute! I love them! Finn is so handsome! What a beautiful family, I can see why these are some of your favorite photos!

  11. How adorable! I love it. We would have loved to do the same but it didn't work out. Too cute :)

  12. These are so stinkin' precious! My absolute fave photos of my wedding are the ones with my dogs in them. They're basically our furry children, so it was super important for us to have them there. You'll be able to look back on these photos forever and smile. :)

  13. Oh my goodness, these are adorable. I want your dog and I'm not a doggie person at all! I love all of these pictures. Who cares how you got him to sit still, they are fantastic!


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