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Wedding Wednesday: Getting ready

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

All photos in this post were taken by White Rabbit Studios

The church where we got married is only one room (no bathrooms), so we needed a separate place to get ready. I booked 1818 Farms for the day, and we used their Garden House and Bridal Room to get ready. 1818 Farms is within walking distance to the church and reception venue, so it was very convenient! See more photos of 1818 Farms here in my post about the venue.
I giggle every time I see this photo! It looks like I'm farting on Stephanie, but she's actually brushing dirt off my pants.

Since booking the Farm, I told Sam that I really wanted to get a picture of us holding a chicken. He was very against this idea! He thinks chicken are gross and dirty and carry diseases. So instead I held a chicken with my bridesmaids. It was so fun!

The chickens didn't really seem that dirty to me!
The correct way to hold a chicken is to hold them very close to your body, with the wings pinned down. In this photo, my left arm is holding down the wings.

This chicken is called a silkie.

Green bridesmaids dresses. I told my bridesmaids they could pick any dress they wanted from any store, as long as it was green. The green lace dress (2nd from left) only cost $16!

I knew I wanted to be comfortable on my wedding, so I definitely wasn't going to wear heels. I bought these green sandals and they worked perfectly for my color scheme, but I didn't spend much time wearing them. It rained the morning of the wedding, so I spent most of my time wearing my rain boots, especially since we spent the majority of our time at a muddy farm.

My aunt tatted my garter for me.

My mom sewed this patch on the inside of my dress with my new monogram.

This is my Grandma's locket (that her grandma gave her) that my Aunt Suzanne let me borrow.

Pictures of my Grandma inside the locket.

Stephanie helping me get dressed

The rain boots that I wore most of the day.

I had this large bow with long tails added onto my dress during alterations. The tails of the bow clipped on the bottom of my train, but they kept going rogue throughout the day. I felt like Stephanie was constantly fixing them!

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12 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday: Getting ready”

  1. Beautiful and thoughtful details! I love the monograms, especially the locket! What a sweet memory! Again, I think you are so beautiful!! :)

    I absolutely love the different green dresses - great idea! The chickens were a fun touch, too!

  2. These are great detailed shots. I love the ones of you getting your dress on. And the ones of the girls holding chickens...too cute! Those green dresses are amazing too and the green "get ready" shirts! I love it all!

  3. Everything about your venue is gorgeous, I love the laid back feel. I also love that you were all brave enough to hold chickens- I would have been freaking out (birds kind of scare me, mostly pigeons but I think it would carry over to chickens too). The sandals you hardly wore are so cute, you could definitely get lots of wear out of them! Oh, and your photos are just gorgeously shot. Basically everything above I love.

  4. Those photos are gorgeous! I love all the details of your wedding so far! That locket is so special and the venue is perfect! I probably would have been a little squeamish holding a chicken - but how cool! And it made an awesome photo. It stinks that it was muddy - did the train on your dress stay protected from the mud?

  5. By the time I put my dress on, all the mud had dried up. My dress did end up with a huge foot print on it, but my planner was able to get that out before the ceremony started.

  6. Thanks Kimberley! These chickens weren't scary at all. They were very friendly!

  7. Thanks Kristyn! The chicken photos were my favorite too! A baby lamb was born the evening before the wedding, and we got to hold him! I'll have to post those photos soon.

  8. Thank you Mary! I'm glad all the dresses coordinated so well. I told the girls to pick whatever dress they wanted from any store, and thankfully they all looked really good together!

  9. Thank you Kasi! These chickens are used to being around people (lots of school groups tour the farm), and they are very friendly and not scary at all!

  10. I am LOVING all this green! Your blog is so cute. It's nice to find fellow Alabama bloggers!

    -Courtney at

  11. Thanks Courtney! Green is my favorite color (obviously!).


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