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Wedding Wednesday - Bridal Party

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The bridesmaids:
 My sisters! Stephanie is on the left and Megan is on the right. Stephanie was my maid of honor. Back when we were children, we came up with rotation to be each others' maids of honor. Megan was Stephanie MOH in her wedding, Stephanie was my MOH, and whenever Megan gets married I'll be her's.

Melissa (on the left) is my best friend from college. Abigail was my junior bridesmaid and I've known her since she was born. 

 I love how everyone's dresses coordinated so well. I told the girls they could buy a dress from any store as long as it was green. The necklaces that each girl wore was part of their bridesmaids gifts. Wrapped around each bouquet is their "Will you be my bridesmaid" hankie. All the bouquets and boutonnieres were made from paper.

 Silly faces with my sissy-poohs

My favorite photo with my bridesmaids

 Cory (left) has been Sam's best friend since birth. Their grandparents were friends. Ian (in the middle) and Sam have known each other since middle school. They went through confirmation together. Cory, Ian, and Sam all went to college together. Matt (right) is Sam's brother-in-law.

As our gift to the groomsmen, we purchased all the suits for them. Each guy also had a monogrammed pocket square and fun socks.

I bought these socks at Amazon

Goofing off

The whole group. The height differences make me laugh!

All photos in this post were taken by White Rabbit Studios at 1818 Farms.

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19 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday - Bridal Party”

  1. Love the different shades of green, yet they all match perfectly! The height difference is funny! Looks like a fun bridal party! xo

  2. Stopping by from WW link up. I love the uniqueness and different shades of your bridesmaids dresses!

  3. I love all of the different bridesmaids dresses, I think that's an awesome touch! Your wedding photos are so beautiful, I think a great photographer is the #1 thing for me when planning my wedding.

  4. So pretty! Looks like a lovely day!

  5. LOVE how all the dresses go so well with each other !

  6. Gorgeous! I love your sister's Stephanie's dress. The darker green lace one. Where did she get it from? (I'm looking for a dress to wear to a wedding soon! so this is perfect!)

  7. Only $22. Here it is:

  8. Thanks Rachel! The different dresses was my favorite part of the wedding look.

  9. Thanks Ashley! I was nervous how the dresses would all look together, but it all worked out perfectly!

  10. Kasi, absolutely! My mom got married 30 years ago, but she STILL talks about how she wishes she had gotten a better photographer. Our photographer was $3000, which is on the high side for this area, but these photos aren't just for me. My grandchildren will also be looking at these photos in the future.

  11. Thank you Kelly! Do you have a blog? I didn't see it in your profile.

  12. Yes ma'am.

  13. Oh my gosh! I LOVE the guys' socks! I had never even thought about doing something like that - so cool! I love the way the dresses came together too. They look perfectly mismatched. :)

  14. Oh my gosh I just love the style and colors of the dresses!! And how cute that y'all arranged how to do the MOH thing! Like on Friends!

  15. Every time I see the dresses I love them more and more! The socks are fantastic, too!

    Your wedding should be featured in a magazine and/or online. It really is so beautiful and unique!!

  16. I love all of this! the dresses, socks, bouquets, everything! The laughing picture is my favorite :)


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