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Guest Post - Latte Everyday

Friday, September 26, 2014

 I am out of town today, on my way to Sam's Civil War Reenactment in Missouri. I asked Megan from Latte Everyday to guest post today because 1. I love her blog and 2. I know her in real life! Megan and I went to Interior Design school together and I love reading all about her decorating tips on her blog.

I am obsessed with gallery walls and have them on practically every wall in my apartment! Megan's guest post is all about how to create your own gallery wall. Take it away Megan.


creating a gallery wall around the t.v.
I am really old school when it comes to decorating around the television. I think they should be covered. I know that rule went away at least ten years ago, and it really only still stands in very traditional rooms. A t.v. is just harsh and a dark black hole on a wall, and I never want it to be the focal point in my room. My husband on the other hand, completely disagrees. He was always annoyed in our original living room design by constantly opening and closing the armoire doors and couldn't wait to get a media console with no top half. He eventually won the battle, and now we have this monstrosity out on display. The worst part is that I am kinda loving it! That is, now that I have added this lovely gallery wall around it to help soften the black hole. If you are planning to create one of your own, here are a few tips:
gallery wall initials
  1. Incorporate pieces that have a story. These collage walls have become a huge trend, and I have seen several posts about putting one together for $2o or in 20 minutes with items from the thrift store, dollar store etc. You can also flip through any Pottery Barn, West Elm or Crate and Barrel catalog and in minutes order all of the components of a gorgeous gallery wall. Those ideas great and have value in certain homes or spaces like a temporary apartment that you just want decorated quickly or a small area above a desk that you change often. In a prominent place like your living room, around your t.v., it is important to build a collection that is meaningful and will still make sense after the trend has died down because there are special items on display.
gallery wall objects with a story
  2. Use three dimensional objects instead of only prints and photos. This is so important to add dimension to your wall. This is especially true if your t.v. is standing on a console like mine rather than mounted to the wall. My wall has a large pair of antique iron scissors and a couple of P's made from wood and cardboard. Some other things that work well are baskets, metal trays and sconces.
gallery wall objects with dimension
  3. Add texture. In addition to 3-d objects, some of your flat items should have visual texture. I incorporated two carved wooden plaques that I bought at an antique store in one of my favorite towns years ago. Plates, flat pottery, rattan placemats, anything along those lines would work well too.
gallery wall
  5. Let it evolve. The final and most important tip I have for creating a gallery wall in your living space is not to rush it. Take your time, collect items that mean something to you and that you really love to look at. It's okay to start without all the pieces. I have left holes in my layout because I haven't found the perfect thing yet, under the iron scissors and under the two wooden plaques. I would really like to fill those with special pieces, so I am just living with the negative space until I find the perfect things. That's okay. A comfortable, lived in home with distinct style takes time to create. It is always better to have things unfinished than to have a room that looks like you just bought everything from the showroom vignette.

Check out my post on adding personality to your space for more tips on choosing the right items to add to your home.

I would love to hear any tips you have! Have you created a gallery wall? What did you include? Are you still loving it months or years down the road?

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One Response to “Guest Post - Latte Everyday”

  1. your gallery wall looks great.. i like the idea of letting it evolve and grow with time


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