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Fall Activities

Monday, September 8, 2014

I absolutely love Fall in Alabama! It's extremely hot the majority of the year but in the fall it finally starts to cool down and the weather is finally bearable for outdoor activities. There are so many local events going on, and we have a very packed fall schedule!

Decorate for Fall. I did take my decorations out of the closet, but haven't put them up yet.
this photo is from two years ago

Pick pumpkins at 1818 Farms. I really liked the varieties that they had last year. The green Fairytale pumpkins are my favorite.

Go hiking on Monte Sano mountain when the leaves change. Last year we took photos in downtown Huntsville, but I want a change of scenery for this year.

Fall foods - cook old favorites and try some new recipes. Our favorites are pumpkin chili and beer glazed sausage and apples.
Every year I LOVE the fall issue of Southern Living! It has such great recipes! Here's what I'm making this week:
  1. grilled pork with apple bourbon glaze from SL
  2. apple flatbread from SL
  3. Roasted apple and aged white cheddar soup
Fridays in September or October - go to Concerts on the Dock (we love doing this in the Spring)

September 13 or 19 - go to the Scarecrow Trail at the Botanical Gardens (the last time I did this I was in high school)
September 19th - play the free downtown corn hole trail. Maybe attend the Street Food Festival

September 26th - leave for Pilot Knob, MO to attend the 150th anniversary Civil War reenactment. Sam has been participating in reenactments with his dad since he was 12, but I've never attended. This one is close to his parents house and his sister's family has decided to come too. 

I'm not sure how many of these activities we'll be able to do, but I'm hoping we can accomplish a majority!
Happy Fall, y'all!

taken in 2008 in my photography class

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8 Responses to “Fall Activities”

  1. I love fall too. There are so many great things to do during the fall, and seeing the leaves change is definitely up there on my list. I can't wait to go to the mountains and see the leaves. We will also be doing a pumpkin patch at some point and drinking lots of pumpkin things. I also want to make pumpkin bread. Nom nom nom!

  2. Yes to all the pumpkin things! I found a recipe last night that I want to make - oatmeal chocolate chip pumpkin cookies!

  3. love your sweet pup! and pumpkin chili?? how awesome does that sound.

  4. It sounds like you have tons of fall activities close to home. Best wishes to you on accomplishing as many as you can... Writing down the dates and times of each is already a big accomplishment. Thanks for some of the ideas :)

  5. I am so completely jealous of all your fall amazingness. Fall is my favorite so I will have to visit your blog to get my fix!

  6. I don't even like chili, but I loved the pumpkin chili recipe!

  7. Thanks Michelle! Fall doesn't last that long in Alabama, so I'm trying to squeeze in as much as possible!

  8. Thanks Annette! Since I already wrote the dates for most activities in my calendar, I'm hoping we'll be more likely to do more things!


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