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Bonus Wedding Wednesday: Highlight video

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our video finally arrived and I LOVE it! On just about every wedding budget article I read, the author suggested eliminating the videographer to save money because most people only watch their video once. Well, that is definitely not true! Since receiving my video a week ago, I have watched it at least 2x a day! It was money well spent! I encourage other brides to get a videographer because there are so many little things that you forget about or that photos can't capture.

One of my good friends made this gif of Melissa and the chicken. Enjoy!
Melissa gif photo mjchicken2_zps7a41dc05.gif

And here's the moment that my dad steps on my train. My friend said it looked like my dad was trying to take me back after giving me away!
train photo trainstomp_zps492f9a87.gif
 photo rebecca-signature_zpsc9384346.png

7 Responses to “Bonus Wedding Wednesday: Highlight video”

  1. I love your video! It looks like it was such a beauitful wedding :)

  2. Oh my gosh, your dad's speech was wonderful! What a fantastic video (yeah, I teared up!). I love that chicken gif too!!!

  3. Beauuuutiful! The overall look of your wedding is so magical! I still obsessing over your backdrop! And now I'm wishing I had hired a videographer!

  4. Thank you Meg! My dad's speech was SO long! At the time, it felt like he was talking for 30 minutes!

  5. Thanks Ash! Thankfully Sam's family helped me make the backdrop, so it only took us a day to make!

  6. Thank you Amanda! The overall look of the wedding was really important to me since I'm an interior designer, and I love how everything came together!

  7. Love it! I've watched my video at least 20 times by now too. And what a nice thing to watch every year on your anniversary!


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