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Advocare Challenge Cleanse Phase

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Since reading about Ashley's results on the Advocare 24 day challenge, I decided to do it too. I started August 18th. If you don't know anything about Advocare, this website gives a good overview.

Day 1: I felt really jittery in the morning after taking Spark (I don't normally consume a lot of caffeine) and then in the afternoon I felt SUPER tired. I decided to switch my Spark drink to the afternoon instead of the morning.
Dinner: eating out at The Bottle. I ordered scallops and couscous. I was very proud of myself for skipping the bread offered on the table.

Day 2: I felt great today and had so much energy!
Dinner: sausage, green beans, and apples saute

Day 3: Today was awful! I felt so sluggish and barely had any energy to work out. I told Sam he would have to cook dinner because I was too tired to do anything.
Dinner: pork, green bean, and red pepper stir fry

Day 4: I don't feel as tired as I was yesterday, but I'm still too tired to cook dinner.
Dinner: salad and soup at Panera's

Day 5: I've been getting a headache everyday this week. I do get chronic migraines (and take preventative medication) but these aren't migraines, just annoying headaches. I'm wondering if the Spark is to blame for my headaches. I decide to not drink any Spark the next two days and see what happens.
Dinner: Sam's company 40th anniversary party. I ask for the gluten free dinner option and get pulled chicken with a gluten free bun (I only had about 1/4 of the bun), cucumbers and tomatoes, baked beans, and a baked apple.

Day 6 and 7: I don't drink Spark these two days and didn't have any headaches. I keep forgetting to take my Omega Plus vitamins with dinner.
Dinner, Day 6: sausage and beer festival (I didn't drink any beer). I skipped all the fried sausage options and was very proud of myself for declining a strawberry cupcake. Cake is my favorite food! I did eat two hushpuppies without thinking, and I realized after the fact that they were fried. Duh! Oh well.
Dinner, Day 7: salmon, soba noodles, and zucchini and onion saute 

Day 8: I'm supposed to be drinking the fiber drink for the next 3 days, but my stomach really hurts today so I skip it.
Dinner: Tuscan pork chops and corn on the cob

Day 9: My stomach still hurts so I skip the fiber drink again.
Dinner: tilapia with corn, zucchini and tomato saute

Day 10: I just don't feel like taking the fiber drink again. I also forgot to take Spark today. I'm just not sure if I want to keep taking Spark. I don't think it gives me much energy and it seems to give me headaches and make me feel jittery.
Dinner: I have a work dinner at a restaurant and eat chicken with zucchini and creamed corn. I also ate two tiny pieces of bread.

Day 11: I leave for vacation today and just forget to take all the various pills. Being in the car for 10 hours has really gotten me off my normal schedule.
Dinner: The Lettered Olive. I ordered mahi mahi with butterbean and corn succotash and got key lime pie for dessert (hey, I'm on vacation!)

  • water with lemon or lime
  • fruit punch Spark, one a day
  • 1 cup of citrus green tea a day

  • gluten free crackers (I like the CrunchMaster brand from Target) with almond butter
  • vanilla roasted almonds
  • whole grain popcorn (no butter)
  • baked snap peas
  • Vegan banana zucchini muffins (I realize these have sugar in them, but I was just dying for something sweet)
  • rice cakes
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2 Responses to “Advocare Challenge Cleanse Phase”

  1. I have tried and failed to do the cleanse. I just can't do the drink portion, I think. And I'm pretty darn lazy! HA! It's awesome that you are doing the 24 day challenge! Good luck with it. I can't wait to see the results.

  2. I cannot handle the fiber drinks. They are totally disgusting. Ha! I love Spark, but I am a regular heavy caffeine consumer. I love the way the eating plan and vitamins make me feel though, and I really think the vitamins make me feel full and eat less.


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