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Wedding Wednesday - my dress

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

During 4th of July 2013, Sam and I went to Kentucky Lake with his family. Although we weren't technically engaged yet, I knew it was right around the corner. I asked Sam's sister and mom to go wedding dress shopping while we were all together because I knew it would be a while before we would all be in the same place. We went to Anne's Bridal in Paducah, KY.

I didn't care for the store much at all. I walked in and there wasn't anyone there to greet the customers. I wasn't really sure where to go, so I just stood in the store for about 10 minutes, until a women with a broom comes up to me and asks if I've been helped (I had an appointment). The broom lady ends up being my dress consultant, and I felt really rushed through the appointment. As a side note, can they not afford cleaning staff?? I was confused about why a dress consultant would also be cleaning the store?

I found this Allure Bridal dress on Pinterest and I just KNEW it was The One. I was able to try it on at Anne's Bridal (sorry, I couldn't find the photo) and it just wasn't right at all. So disappointing.

About a month later I made an appointment at Finery with my mom during a Watters trunk show. First of all, I LOVED Finery! They only make appointments for one person at a time, so the bride can have one on one time with the salesperson. It was such a nice experience! I felt like I was real person to the staff, not just another appointment. They actually took time to get to know me.

The Watters San Francisco dress was the last dress I tried on, and I told my mom I felt like a bride in the dress. I wasn't 100% sure it was The One, so I went back two more times before buying it.

All photos below were taken by White Rabbit Studios
And here I am in my dress on the wedding day!

In alterations I had the big bow added on the back. The owner of Finery came up with the bow idea, and I think it just made the dress!

I loved my dress so much that I've ordered a custom painting of my dress. I went through Laura Harris Weddings on Etsy, and here it is! I think she did an amazing job!

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9 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday - my dress”

  1. Picking out wedding dresses sounds like a really difficult task! I love yours though, it looks incredible :)

  2. Gorgeous dress!! It definitely is all about the experience. I had a crappy experience the first time and I'm 100% confident even if I had found the dress, I wouldn't have bought it there!

  3. So gorgeous! Isn't it amazing what a good experience at a bridal salon can do? I didn't have a broom lady, but I did have a bad experience at one place. People can be awful! Anyway, you are stunning in that dress and I love the custom painting! What a great idea! I'm toying with the idea of getting a custom illustration of one of our wedding pictures from one of my favorite bloggers! I think that I will *subtly* hint to Andrew that I want it for Christmas lol :)

  4. That bow!!!! Oh my, what a gorgeous dress!!!! PS. I am TOTALLY going to get a painting of my dress!! What a brilliant idea!!

  5. I didn't have a bad experience at a bridal salon, but I did think I knew the dress I wanted. I went and tried it on at the place I would actually find my dress, and it was awful! Just because it looks good online and on a model doesn't mean it will look right on you! Haha!

  6. That painting is such a neat idea! I think I might have to do that!


  7. you looked gorgeous! stopping by from the link up :) happy wedding wednesday!!

    amanda @ as the wine cork turns

  8. Your dress is gorgeous! I love the painting idea. I'd seen on pinterest that you can get your cake made into an ornament, but I'd never thought of a painting of the dress!

    I had a similar experience, I was sure I'd found the dress I wanted from a photo online and then when I tried it on it was so not the right one, or even the right style!


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