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Kentucky Lake

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sam decided last year that he wanted to learn how to sail. He got on this "buying a sailboat" kick and I had to bring him back down to Earth! He found sailing instructors and classes offered by Lighthouse Landing, which is located on Kentucky Lake right outside of Paducah. Paducah is the halfway point between us and his family in St Louis, so we turned this trip into a family vacation.

The little lake house we rented. We shared it with Sam's parents, his sister, brother-in-law and nephew.
The deck overlooked the lake

I love this picture of uncle and nephew play time!

Love those baby rolls!

We took this trip last summer, and we were still trying to pick out wedding wines. Sam's parents brought all these bottles of wine from Missouri wineries for us to try. We ended up not using any of these wines for our wedding, but it made for a fun weekend!

Early (for me) in the morning the guys went to the marina for the sailing lesson.

Suzanne (Sam's sister) and I joined the guys in the afternoon for a ride in the boat.
When we were packing for this trip, I thought Sam put my camera bag in the car, and he thought that I put it in the car. Clearly, my camera did not make it on the trip, so all these photos were taken my cell phone.
Sam and me!

Suzanne and Matt

Sam REALLY like sailing! His latest plan is to get some kind of sailing certification so he can carter a boat in the Caribbean. He's also tried to convince me that we need to buy a sail boat instead of a house! Ummm, NOT HAPPENING!

Nathan with his Grandparents!

Hammock time! The weather was just perfect!
Nathan also enjoyed the outdoors

We ate at Patti's 1880's Restaurant, which my mom had told me about, and I loved it! The waiters and waitresses dress up in costumes (I really want one!), and I just loved the atmosphere!
The whole area, Patti's 1880's Settlement, was decorated so nicely and the landscaping was beautiful!

Lemon meringue pie with 7" high meringue! Woah!

Group photo before heading home

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5 Responses to “Kentucky Lake”

  1. Kentucky Lake looks like such a lovely place! Sailing would be a lot of fun, no doubt but you're right it's pretty expensive to get a sail boat. It looks like a really fun hobby though :)

  2. Okay, Ben has this weird obsession too! What is the deal? I caught him with a book about refurbishing old sailboats. As far as I know, he has never even been on an actual sailboat. This trip looks like so much fun though!

  3. How lovely? How were the Missouri wines, do your in laws live in MO? We do! I grew up in Sonoma County though so I'm a total wine snob and haven't found a wine from MO I love yet

    1. Yes, my in laws are in Missouri! I didn't care for any of the Missouri wines and neither did Sam.

  4. Oops how lovely was supposed to have a ! And not a ? Haha


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