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Currently Vol 2

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thinking about// Our trip to Charleston on Thursday! I've come up with our itinerary, and here are some of our plans: Old Town Marketa walking tour, Ft Sumter, Charles Towne Landing, and Middleton Place

Reading// If I Stay and Where She Went 
In my last Currently post, I mentioned that If I Stay was next on my reading list. I finally read it and when my Kindle said that I was 80% complete with the book, it was just OVER! The book just ended so suddenly. I immediately downloaded the sequel, Where She Went. I devoured that book! I finished it in about 2 hours. I just couldn't put it down.

Listening to// Sam and I discover our new music from NPR because we're old people like that. Sam just started to listen to How To Dress Well, and I'm really liking this song:

Finn's new haircut! He's so handsome!

Alabama Restaurant Week (the 15th-24th) was so much fun! We were able to go to two different restaurants.
 Sam's dessert at The Bottle

My dessert at 1892 East. We love to eat here and even had our rehearsal dinner here!

Thankful for//
Normally at this time of year, I'm really busy at work. I'm usually working overtime everyday and working every weekend. This summer I haven't worked any overtime, and I'm very thankful for that!

Eating Not Eating// Since starting Advocare on the 18th, I've been eating clean. I've stopped eating most carbs, except for quinoa and multigrain crackers. I've stopped eating dessert, which is so hard! Dessert is my favorite part of eating! Lately, whenever I've been craving something sweet, I'll eat vanilla roasted almonds. I was dying for some baked goods, so I just made these vegan muffins, replacing the regular flour with whole wheat flour.

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12 Responses to “Currently Vol 2”

  1. I heard If I Stay was really good. Are you going to see the movie too?

  2. I am so excited that you're going to Charleston! We just got back--and we finally went to the place where you can do Firefly Vodka distillery tastings. They were having a festival! I also love books that are so good that you can just devour them. I'll have to look into those :)

  3. Those muffins look so good! I need to try that recipe. I have been trying to eliminate most white carbs too. Last week I tried my regular peach cobbler recipe with whole wheat flour, and it was an epic fail. My brother said it tasted like unleavened bread with peaches. Ha!

  4. Absolutely beautiful site! :) I love to bake, but cannot tolerate white flour either anymore, even have substituted whole wheat pasta, and brown rice for my other carbs!

  5. What if I say is on my reading list too, i need to get on it. Those muffins look amazing! Good Luck with you diet...Dessert is my nemiss. I might have to try those muffins. Thanks for sharing. (Here from the link up.)

  6. I also eat whole wheat pasta, but I've never been able to get accustomed to the brown rice flavor so I just stopped eating rice altogether. I just recently started eating quinoa and it's been a good substitute for rice.

  7. The first two days of eating the muffins, I really couldn't taste the wheat flavor. The longer the muffins sit, the more pronounced the wheat is. I think next time I'll freeze the muffins.

  8. Dessert is SO hard to cut back on! It just tastes so good!

  9. Have a blast in Charleston! It's one of my favorite places to visit, and we just got back from a trip in May! If you haven't already picked all of your dining, I highly, highly recommend trying to get a reservation at Slightly North of Broad. I've eaten there twice. There are tons of great options in the city, but that's just one that I can personally recommend.

  10. Thanks for the recommendation Emily! We're planning to eat at my sister's restaurant. She's the assistant manager at The Lettered Olive. Other than that, we haven't quite decided on our dining plans.

  11. Try these-

  12. instant brown rice tastes better


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