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Crate and Barrel Bar Cabinet

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We registered for the Monaco bar cabinet at Crate and Barrel, not because we expected anyone to buy it for us, but because we knew we would get a discount after our wedding had passed. We got a couple gift cards as wedding gifts and combined those with our registry discount. We purchased it online but decided to pick it up in the store to save the shipping. We were planning to go to St Louis for 4th of July, so it seemed like the perfect time to pick up the cabinet.

Sam was really, really excited!! I think it was the happiest day of his life (except for marring me, of course!). Sam had been wanting a bar cabinet since he first saw the options at Crate and Barrel back when he was in college. He joked that if he knew marrying me would get him a bar cabinet, he would have married me earlier.

Here it is in our apartment!

Finn approves!
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11 Responses to “Crate and Barrel Bar Cabinet”

  1. That bar cabinet looks really nice! And It's good to know that your husband really enjoys it as well :)

  2. that cabinet looks amazing!! i love it!!
    amanda @ as the wine cork turns

  3. Thank you! We're really enjoying it!

  4. OMG! He's crazy about that cabinet!

  5. What an AWESOME item!! We have my fiancee's parents' old china cabinet and it's great for now, but I can't wait to get something like this someday :)

  6. It has so much storage! We're loving it!

  7. every bar cabinet looks better with a dog beside it, esp. Finn <3

  8. I love this bar! I love love love it. It's amazing. And so chic! We need one of those...going on their website right now.

  9. I agree! Finn makes everything look better!

  10. Thanks Kristyn! Crate and Barrel has SO many beautiful options that it was hard to pick!

  11. That bar cabinet is the BEST!!!! I love it so much!


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