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Our Apartment

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

When we were picking out the apartment we were going to move in to, Sam was very picky about the direction our apartment would face. He didn't want the patio or living room to get direct sun because we would get hot. Unfortunately, that means our apartment is really hard to take good photos of. 
The entryway

Some of these photos were taken last year and some were just taken last month.

 This bench is opposite our dining room table. We use it to get bags on and we place our shoes underneath the bench. Sam and I painted and reupholstered the bench while we were dating.

Our dining room. The gallery wall on the left is my ancestry wall.

Read about the dining room before and after here.

 This photo was taken in March 2013, two days after Sam moved in. This was when we still had Sam's beige sofa.

 This photo was taken in April 2013, when I moved my stuff in to the apartment.

 This photo is the most recent of our living room and was just taken a couple weeks ago.

I took an upholstery class a couple years ago and reupholstered the orange floral chair on the left.

Sam and I reupholstered this chair together.

 Our newest piece of furniture, the bar cabinet.

The kitchen is open to the living room and dining room

 We have a three bedroom apartment and use the third bedroom as a craft room/music room/office. The two toned cabinet in the middle is my craft cabinet. The bench we reupholstered together. It used to be a coffee table.

 Sam's side

My desk. It's a laminate desk that I painted and added new knobs to.

The guest bedroom. Sam and I made the headboard when we were dating.

The master bedroom. The photos above the bed were taken on our honeymoon.

I made all the curtains in our apartment. The blue quilt was made by my dad.

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