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Gulf Shores

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Around this time last year, we went on a vacation with several friends to Gulf Shores, AL. Gulf Shores isn't the prettiest beach (I think the beaches on 30A are the prettiest), but it is dog friendly, which was important to us because Finnegan doesn't like being apart from us.
 Our beach house. I loved the color!

 During the majority of our stay, it was cold and rainy.
 I think Finnegan is the one who had the most fun. The weather was absolutely perfect for him!

 This shipwreck was wash ashore in 2012 by Hurricane Isaac. From the Huffington Post, "The wreck is now thought to be the Rachael, a three-mast schooner that ran aground during a 1933 storm. According to the New York Daily News, the ship was looted and set on fire."

 Finnegan played with his ball everyday on the beach. 
 He entertained himself by running after the waves.
 Finnegan doesn't like being completely in the water. He only likes getting his feet wet (just like his mommy). Sam carried him into the ocean and he started shaking like a leaf. Poor baby.

 Sunset photos

We had one sunny, warm day and built an epic sand castle.

 Left to right: Katy, Cory, Ian, Sam, Matt, and Ali

 We spent a day wandering around nearby  Fort Morgan, which is a historic fort in a star shape.

Left to right: Katy, me, and Ali. Lots of little tunnels. I'm not sure how men fit in these.

 Left to right: Ian, Cory and Sam. Sam has been friends with Cory since birth. Their grandfathers were friends and their mothers were friends. Sam has been friends with Ian since he was 12. They went through Confirmation together.

 Group photo (minus Katy). Left to right: Cory, Ian, Sam, me, Ali, Matt

 Most nights we cooked at our house, but The last night we went out to eat at Lulu's.

Our last few minutes on the beach before heading home. It was a fun trip and I hope we get to do it again!
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