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Wedding Wednesday: the venue

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Back in 2011 my mom and I toured the town of Mooresville. I had no idea that 3 years later I would be getting married there!

Sam and I actually never looked around at different venue options. In February 2013, I saw this post on White Rabbit's blog. I really can't explain it, but after seeing that blog post I just knew that we were meant to get married in Mooresville. I showed the blog post to Sam, and he really liked it also. The very next day, we drove out to Mooresville and peeked in the windows of the church. And that was it! We never looked at any of venues, and from that moment on we knew we were getting married in Mooresville!

The church doesn't have any air conditioning, so I'm really hoping that it isn't too hot on our wedding day!

The Brick Church was built in 1839. According to their website, "One of the more distinctive buildings in Mooresville is the Old Brick Church built in 1839 on Lauderdale Street. The property on which the church stands was donated by Governor Thomas Bibb and his wife, Parmelia, to be used for a community church. The Cumberland Presbyterian denomination owned the building until the Methodists bought it in 1898. It has also served as a Baptist mission. Regular worship services have not been held in the church since the 1960′s. In October 1994, the United Methodist Church conducted a deconsecration service and passed ownership to the town."

Image via WE Photographie
The reception is located at Limestone Bay Trading Company. The food will be located inside the building and the reception will be located outside in a tent.

 Image via 1818 Farms
Since the church is just one room (and doesn't have bathrooms), we have booked 1818 Farms as our getting ready location. We will also be taking a lot of our photos here.

Some photos I took at the Farm:
 the chicken coop

Baby pig! Her name is Clover.
 photo rebecca-signature_zpsc9384346.png

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