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Archive for January 2011

Savannah Part 2

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

 On New Year's Eve, we went to Tybee Island to see the lighthouse.

  View from the top of the lighthouse.

 The light in the lighthouse.

 Climbing down 178 stairs.

 Also on the property, was a renovation of the 1st Assistant Lightkeeper cottage.

 Next, we walked to the beach. It was pretty chilly so we didn't stay long.

 After driving back to Savannah, we took a hearse ghost tour. We found out on the tour that we ate at all the haunted restaurants (Sixpence Pub, The Pink House, and the Pirate's House) without realizing they were haunted.

 One of my favorite spots was Candler Hospital, the yellow fever hospital. There were so many people dying  that doctors feared the people of Savannah would panic and leave the city if they knew how many people were dying (sometimes 200 in one day!). To hide the true number of deaths, tunnels were built underneath the hospital to bury the dead.

 Shawn and I standing in front of Candler.

Another haunted house, two girls were murdered here either by Jack the Ripper or a copy-cat murderer. Many people who take pictures of this house, end up seeing images of young girls in the windows.
A couple days after our trip, Shawn drove to his new duty station in Virginia. I'm hoping to visit him there in February.

Savannah Part 1

Monday, January 10, 2011

The day after Christmas, I drove to Mississippi to pick Shawn (he was visiting his family) and we went to Savannah. It was a long, long drive and my GPS failed me. Janice (my GPS) wanted us to take back country roads for 150 miles, and then she said there weren't any roads going to Savannah. I think I need to buy a new Janice, a different brand this time.

The first thing we did in Savannah was go on a Food Tour, which included 7 different places. First we went to The Distillery. We ate a burger and fries, and Shawn tried a beer and I ordered their pear cider. It was one of our favorite stops on the tour, and we ended up going back later for dinner.

We went to a delicious bakery

We went to a local market and tried some of their tomato sandwiches.

We went to a barbeque place.

 My favorite place we went was Savannah Bee Company. They had about ten different types of honey to try. My favorite was tupelo honey, and I bought a huge bottle of it.

 Next we went to Paula Deen's restaurant, and I wasn't all that impressed. I thought the food was similar to Cracker Barrel. There wasn't anything special or different about it.

The next day we went on an architecture tour and spent several hours walking around the city.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stephanie didn't come home for Christmas this year, so it was just Megan and me.
On Christmas Eve, Megan, my mom, and I went to vespers at church. After church we went home and had a great dinner! I made Cornish hens, and my mom made green bean casserole, squash casserole, and rolls.

After dinner, we exchanged gifts.

Early, early Christmas morning, I drove my mom to the airport. She flew up north to see Stephanie and my mom's family. When we left home, it started to snow!

And snowed and snowed! It was the most snow we had gotten in years. I texted Megan to wake her up and told her about the snow. She was so excited! When Megan was ready, I picked her up and drove to my dad's house.

It normally takes me 30 minutes to get to my dad's house, but in the snow it took an hour! Alabamians do not know how to drive in the snow, so there was lots of craziness. It was my first time driving in the snow, and I think I did pretty well. I'm so glad we took my huge SUV instead of Megan's little car. Along the way, we stopped at two farms and took some pictures of the snow.

When we got to my dad's house, we ate brunch and opened gifts. I got a laptop and Megan got internet TV.

After we opened gifts, my dad started baking lots of bread (he got a new bread machine), and Megan built a snowman. Holly tried to help.

The snow in the backyard.

Christmas was so fun, and the snow made it even better!