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Archive for September 2010

Return to Chicago

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Work has been pretty overwhelming and busy. Extremely busy. I've been working overtime everyday plus Saturdays. I was feeling pretty worn down, so I told my boss that I was burnt out and needed two days off. I spent my two days plus weekend in Chicago.

I did lots of tourist things in Chicago. First, I went on the Grey Line Chicago Grand bus tour. It was four hours and drove through North and South Chicago. We even saw the spot where the Obamas had their first kiss. We had two stretching breaks. The first was at Lincoln Park.

The second stretching spot was at Adler Planetarium.

After the bus tour I went to the Shedd Aquarium.

The next day, I headed to Lincoln Park Zoo and stopped at Farm-in-the-Zoo.

I'm being "birthed" out of an egg.

I weigh one calf.

After the farm exhibit, I saw all the standard zoo animals.

My favorite animal is the giraffe.

The view from the zoo.

The next day I headed home. Thankfully, this trip was relaxing, and I was able to jump back into work.


Monday, September 27, 2010

One of the other interior designer at work, Faeh, hosted a sewing class at her house. The instructor and her daughter, plus three interior designers met at Faeh's house and sewed the night away.

I don't think the pattern was supposed to take very long to sew, but I sewed something wrong twice. It took me a while, but eventually I finished. I love the fabric I picked!

The aprons we made are reversible.

The next day we wore our aprons to work. And yes, I coordinated my outfit to match my apron.

My First Auction

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our secretary at work loves going to auctions, and after she found out that I had never been to an auction she invited me along.

The auction was in Scant, AL, in a concrete warehouse with hot pink walls. Interesting color scheme. There were a couple things I wanted to bid on, but I got cold feet. Everything goes so fast, and I got nervous! There was a set of four parsons chairs that ended up selling for $40. I'm still kicking myself for not bidding.

It was a pretty fun experience, and next time I go I won't get cold feet.

New shoes

Monday, September 20, 2010

Work bought me new shoes. What do you think? Pretty stylish, I know.

Photo is taken with the Retro Camera app.

These may look like hiking boots, but they are actually steel toe boots. I needed them to go to a job site. I also needed safety goggles, hard hat and safety vest. Here I am in all my gear.

Our interior design group:

It was a hot, hot day, made even worse with the jeans and boots. I could never be a construction worker!

New Bed

Saturday, September 18, 2010

When I first saw the Seville Tufted Headboard on Target's website, i fell in love. It was perfect-the diamond tufting, the color, the fabric, everything was wonderful. But I wasn't ready to spent that kind of money on a new headboard and new mattresses.

So I waited.

During the summer I saw commercials for a store in Arab, AL (pronouced A-rab with a southern accent, not pronounced like the country) called Catalog Returns. My mom and I went on a Saturday, and THERE IT WAS! The Seville headboard, but it wasn't just the headboard, it was the headboard connected to a metal bedframe. Best of all it was cheaper than Target's Just-The-Headboard-Price. Of course I bought it. It looks wonderful in my room!

I got the green shams at Anthropology, the green quilt, and green decorative pillow at Kmart.