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Archive for October 2010

Cruise: St Martin

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our last port was St Martin, where we went on the Beach Rendezvous. I picked this excursion because I thought it would be relaxing. I enjoyed the beautiful beach, and it was relaxing, but I wish I had picked something more active like we had done at the other ports.

The view from my beach chair was beautiful!

After we left the beach, we went to the popular shopping area, and I bought myself a diamond pendant. The day before when we were in St Thomas, Shawn bought me a tanzanite ring, which I LOVE!

I took this picture of St Martin from the cruise ship.

Cruise review:
Prior to going on our cruise, I did tons of research. I read a lot of reviews that said the food was terrible, the excursions were overpriced, and that despite the cruise labeling themselves as "all inclusive" there is tons of additional stuff to pay for.

I thought the food was excellent! There was always something on the menu that I wanted to eat, and everything tasted incredible. Shawn and I pre-paid for everything, so we wouldn't be shocked by the bill at the end. Going with the ship's excursions was so easy because it didn't require any planning. We wanted to go on a cruise for a relaxing, worry-free vacation and that's exactly what we got!

Cruise: St Thomas

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our second port was St Thomas, which was our favorite. I took these pictures from the cruise ship when we arrived

We went on another kayaking excursion. I enjoyed the St Thomas kayaking more than the kayaking in Cococay because it was longer and we had two excellent tour guides.

We went kayaking in a mangrove tree lagoon and stopped at a small environmentally protected island for a swim and hike.

After we parked our kayaks at the island, Shawn threw me in the water.

We checked out nature on the island and I held a sea creature (I don't remember what this is called).

We walked over to a rocky area called Red Point, climbed some rocks, and went swimming.

Here are some of my favorite pictures.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My cruise was so amazing! We went on Royal Caribbean's 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise.

The ship left from Port Canaveral and the first stop was Royal Caribbean's private island, Cococay, Bahamas.

Shawn and I decided to go on the kayaking excursion. It was so fun! A shark swam right under our kayak! And our guide picked a starfish out of the water, and I kissed it on its eye for 10 years good luck! After kayaking we walked on the beach, then I got a bad migraine, so we went back to the ship.

The ship itself was very fun! It was incredibly large, and there was always something going on. We saw shows, movies, parades, and ate wonderful food.

I spend a lot of time reading and relaxing on the ship.

Shawn tried out the Flowrider, which is a surfing simulator.

Our dining room was located on the 5th deck, and we ate nearly every meal there. In addition to the dining room, there was a buffet restaurant, which I did not like because it was very crowded. Our first night on the ship, we ate at one of the specialty Italian restaurants, Portofino.

I loved eating on the 5th deck because we had such a great view.

We got the wine package and tried a different wine every night at dinner.

Tomorrow's post: our stop at St Thomas.

Cruise Sneak Peak

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm back from my amazing cruise, and I've finished editing all my photos. It was such a great trip, and I can't wait to tell you all about it! This picture was taking in the Bahamas.

I wanted to post all about my criuse today, but I was having lots of problems with Blogger. Hopefully, there will be more cruise pictures in tomorrow's post.

Year End

Monday, October 18, 2010

The last day of our fiscal year at work was September 30th. August and September last year were brutal. I worked so many hours. I worked tons of overtime this year too, but thanks to all the new designers we've hired in the last four months, it hasn't been as bad as last year.

Last year on September 30th, everyone was frantic trying to get things finished up. But not this year. On September 30th there were only two projects left to finish up, just some little things, nothing major. We had work celebration lunch, and one of the Project Managers made colorful table centerpieces out of tissue paper. After lunch we had a drawing to see who would win the centerpieces. Nearly everyone at my table won, including me. I took some pictures of my co-workers and me goofing off with our centerpieces during our celebration day.

In case you were wondering

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

...I'm not going on my cruise vacation alone.

I'm going with my ex-boyfriend Shawn, who isn't much of an ex anymore. More details to come...


Monday, October 11, 2010

My family never really participated in Halloween. One thing I do like about Halloween are Oreos. When I saw these orange Oreos at Target, I snatched them up. Orange Oreos just taste better. According to the packaging they also come with 5 boo-rific shapes, like witches.

Eating these orange, witch shaped Oreos gets me in a fall festival mood. Yum!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This month I am going on my first cruise! I'm so excited to have time off work. I'm going on a Royal Caribbean seven night cruise to the Bahamas, St Martin, and St Thomas.

Here are some things I've bought to get ready for the cruise:

Cover Up from Target:

Waterproof Mascara:

New Flip Flops:

Dress for formal night (it's long):

Dress for smart casual night (the website said that men should wear jackets and ties and women should wear dresses):

Vera Bradley Garment Bag: