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Archive for May 2009

Stephanie's graduation

Monday, May 25, 2009

My youngest sister Stephanie graduated on Thursday. Her high school was opened in 2005, and her class is the first graduating class who were there all four years. Graduation included many speeches about how their class started traditions. A student in Stephanie's class even wrote the Alma Mater.
Walking to her seat. Stephanie was recognized in the program as receiving an Advanced Diploma, Top Ten in her class, a member of Spanish Honor Society and National Honor Society.

Since Stephanie was top ten in her class, she got to sit in the front row, just like her sisters before her :)

I caught Stephanie's eye and hearted her, and she hearted me back. That's when Mama started crying.

We took tons of pictures after graduation, but in every picture Megan has a weird look on her face. Even though Megan was having a bad picture day, I love this picture of the three of us.

Every graduate didn't have the same graduation gear as Stephanie. She got to wear a stash and stole signifying her accolades.

Daddy, Stephanie, Mama, and Trish

Me, Grampy, Stephanie, Aunt Suzanne, Megan, and Mama

Megan Update:
The doctor says that her residual limb, which Megan has named Aiden, is healing well. The plastic surgeon said that she might need a scar revision surgery down the road. On Friday we went to the prosthetic place, and Megan started wearing the shrinker sock. The shrinker sock looks like old lady panty hose. She has to wear it 24/7. It's supposed to get her leg in the right shape for her to wear a prosthetic. Hopefully, in about two weeks, she'll get fitted for a prosthetic leg!

Massachusetts Days 4-8

Our fourth day we spent sleeping, watching tv, and shopping.

On Day Five we took the subway to Cambridge to see Harvard, and we took the self guided walking tour of Harvard Yard.

After walking around Harvard, Shawn decided to walk to MIT's campus. I do not suggest walking there because it was pretty far. I'm sure that normal people take the subway.

After seeing MIT, which I thought was pretty boring, we walked along the Charles River Esplanade. I took several photos of the skyline.

Next we walked around the Public Garden.

We ended our day by eating at Legal Seafood. I heard that if you want seafood in Boston that theirs is the best. My favorite part about Legal Seafood wasn't the food, but their bathroom. I think that the sign of a good restaurant design is a well designed bathroom. I think restrooms are often overlooked, but Legal's restroom gets an A+ in my book!

Day six: we drove to Lexington and Concord. We saw the Battle Green in Lexington, where the first shots were fired. The militia were outnumbered and fell back, and the regulars proceeded on to Concord, where they searched for the supplies. At the North Bridge in Concord, several hundred militiamen fought and defeated three companies of the King's troops.

Battle Green

Minutemen statue on the Battle Green

The North Bridge in Concord.

Across from the Battle Green is Buckman Tavern, headquarters of the minutemen and Lexington's busiest taverns. This was a great tour, and the tour guide was extremely knowledgable. Photo courtesy of

Day seven: We went to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. This was my favorite thing that we did in Boston. I couldn't believe how much there was to see! The museum offers free docent led tours included in the price of admission tickets, and we went on the Three Masterpieces in Thirty Minutes Tour and we also went on the Art in America tour. I was really looking forward to seeing American furniture, but the museum is currently undergoing renovations. In 2010 the new American Art wing should be completed, but in the meantime, the American Art is limited to two galleries. We could have spend the whole day at the museum, but we had other things to see.

The new Huntington Avenue entrance is now open. This is the entrance originally conceived by architect Guy Lowell.

View of the rotunda.

Sculpture outside the Fenway Entrance.

Close to the Art Museum is Back Bay Fens, which is part of the Emerald Necklace park system.

After looking around the park, we walked to the Church of Christian Scientists. This was one of my favorite buildings in Boston.

Next we headed to the Prudential Center and did some shopping. Afterwards we headed to the Boston Public Library, which was incredibly ornate.

Day Eight: We walked the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile red-brick walking trail that leads you to 16 nationally significant historic sites.

View of Park Street Church from Boston Common

Faneuil Hall. The first floor houses market stalls, and the second floor was a meeting hall.

Paul Revere House - a great tour for only $3! Paul Revere was living in this house when he participated in the Boston Tea Party.

Old North Church, where Paul Revere hung laterns signaling that the British were coming.

USS Constitution. The oldest warship still afloat in the world. Became known as Old Ironsides during the War of 1812.

Bunker Hill Monument.

Shawn and I had a great time during our time in Massachusetts! During December I visited Shawn in Connecticut, which was freezing!! And Massachusetts was extremely windy. Maybe for our next trip we'll go somewhere warm!

Massachusetts Days 1-3

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shawn and I see each other twice a year-at Christmas and during the summer. This summer we spent nine days together in Massachusetts.

We spent our first day in Salem. We went to the Peabody Essex Museum, and then the Salem Witch Museum. After visiting the museums, we walked to Old Burying Point Cemetery and wandered around Salem before heading back to our hotel.

The next day we drove to Plymouth to visit Plimouth Plantation, which was one of my favorite things that we did on our trip. First we stopped by the Wampanoag Homesite where Wampanoag people are dressed in native clothing, but they tell their story from a modern perspective.

Then we walked over to the 1627 English village. The 1627 English Village is a re-creation of the small farming town built by English colonists in the midst of the Wampanoag homeland. The people there are costumed role players.

Next we drove to the Mayflower II. It's hard to imagine so many people and belongings on such a tiny ship.

After touring the ship, we walked over to Plymouth Rock, which was originally three times bigger than it is now.

After walking around downtown Plymouth, we drove a few miles to Plymouth Long Beach.

On Day three we took the train to Boston and walked the Boston Irish Heritage Trail. This photo is from the Boston Irish Famine Memorial.

Next we walked around Christopher Columbus Park.

In the afternoon we went on a Duck Tour. The DUCK is a W.W.II style amphibious landing vehicle. We saw 36 Boston sites and at the end of the tour we drove right into the Charles River! The Duck Tour was a great way to see the city. Photo courtesy of