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Archive for March 2009

Update on Megan

Saturday, March 28, 2009

On Thursday, March 12, my younger sister Megan had a motorcycle accident.

Thursday, March 19: Megan got of ICU. She was in ICU longer than expected because there were problems with taking the ventilator out. Her throat was very swollen, and the doctors wanted to wait for the swelling to go down before removing the ventilator.

Thursday-Sunday: Megan was in a step down room and was able to have visitors any time of the day. I was at home in Alabama that entire week, and I was able to spend a lot of time with her. She liked being read to, so I started reading the first Twilight book to her. On Sunday afternoon I returned to school.

Monday, the 23rd: Megan was supposed to have her first skin grafts, but the plastic surgeon decided the skin wasn't healed enough. Instead her wounds vacs were extensively cleaned, some bad skin was removed, and she got a wound vac put behind her knee.

Wednesday, the 25th: The plastic surgeon once again tried to do the skin graft, but ended up stapling one side of her leg instead. Following that surgery, my mom noticed that Megan's big toe was a little blue. The doctor was notified, and Megan had emergency surgery that night.

Thursday, the 26th: The doctors were unable to fix the circulation in her leg. Megan went back to the ICU. Megan's condition quickly worsened. Megan's toe was no longer the only problem area: her foot, leg and skin were all turning black. The doctors decide that the only solution is to amputate her leg.

Friday, the 27th: Megan's leg is amputated (above the knee) in the afternoon. I returned to Alabama and was able to see her following the surgery. Megan was in a lot of pain.

Saturday, the 28th: The doctor was hopeful that Megan would be off the ventilator, but they had the same problems as before: her throat was too swollen to remove the ventilator. Megan was more alert, and she was able to communicate with us by writing on a small dry erase board. She was very hungry and thirsty and was busy telling us all the food she wants to eat when she gets out of ICU. The doctor is hopeful that Megan will be able to leave the hospital at the end of next week and go to a rehab facility.

Atlanta Trip

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The very next day after the Capitol Day, the interior design students took a field trip to Atlanta. It was an incredible trip!

When we arrived in Atlanta, the first place we went to was the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center.
ADAC has 78 showrooms and is only open to interior design professionals. ADAC is the kind of place that has $1,000/yard fabric. Everything at ADAC is about 1 1/2 years ahead of retail. Anyone want to know what trends will be coming up? Neutrals. No more bright colors. Just neutrals.

I could have spent days at ADAC and still not seen everything. Unfortunately we only had two hours and then it was off the IKEA - the complete opposite of ADAC.

Here I am in my IKEA living room. Don't I fit in so well? It looks like it was made for me.

This is my IKEA kitchen.

The next day we visited two architecture firms.

Here we are listening to a Hirsch Bedner presentation.

Examining TVS's staircase.

Looking at the impressive art collection at TVS.

Next up we headed to the Knoll showroom, known for their modern classics. It was my absolute favorite part of the trip! It's so interesting that Knoll's Barcelona chair is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. It was modern 80 years ago, and it's still modern today.

The womb chair

"My" Knoll office. Welcome to Rebecca Interiors!

I didn't think the trip could get any better than the Knoll Showroom, but then we went to the High Museum.
We saw the Terracotta Chinese Soldiers exhibit, which was incredible! If anyone has the chance to see this exhibit, I highly recommend it!

After the High Museum, we headed to the bus to drive to LaGrange, home of the Milliken carpet mill.
We were incredibly privileged to stay at the Milliken guest house, where we were treated like royalty. We were given a few minutes to freshen up and then go to dinner. There are just no words to explain the great hospitality we received from Milliken! Dinner was one of those affairs where you didn't know which fork to use. I didn't have any problems with the forks, but I was a little confused about the knives.

The next morning we got up bright and early to tour the plant, and then we headed home. Call me an interior design nerd, but this trip was my number 1 best college experience!

Capitol Day

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This month has been very busy, and I haven't blogged about any of the fun stuff that I did. Now that my computer is fixed (thanks to my great, amazing dad who fixed it in between ICU visitations) I'm going to overload everyone with photos from March.

I'm going to start at the beginning of March when interior design students from three different Mississippi colleges went to the Capitol to campaign for interior design legislation. Think about it: tattoo artists and hair dressers have licenses, why shouldn't interior designers? In the state of Mississippi pretty much anyone can be an interior designer. You don't need education or experience of anything. Designers are responsible for the safety and well being of people in buildings. Do you want just anyone to design a building that you spend a lot of time in? That's why designers, educators and students have come together to form Mississippi Coalition of Interior Design Legislation. People from all over the state went to the Capitol on March 3 to convince Senators and Representatives of the importance of this bill.
Here's the group of students from my school who went to the Capitol. We're looking down into the rotunda, which is where everyone's interior design displays were set up.

Students from my school.

The Capitol

I thought the inside of the Capitol was pretty amazing!

Megan's accident

Monday, March 16, 2009

I have so much to say. I've been away from blogging for too long. Just a quick update and a request for prayer.

On Thursday afternoon my sister Megan was in a motorcycle accident. She had just picked up her bike from the shop and was entering into traffic when a car struck her. She fell off her motorcycle, and her helmet popped off. Thankfully she didn't have any head damage.

An artery in her left leg was completely shredded, and she broke her leg in three places. The doctors took a piece of an artery from her right leg to put in her left leg. Megan wasn't getting any blood flow to her foot, and the surgeon said she was too young to lose her leg. The first two surgeries were unsuccessful, but the surgeon was finally able to save her leg with the third surgery.

Megan is still in the ICU and on a ventilator. We're hoping it will come out today. A plastic surgeon will also be stopping by today to look a Megan's skin. During the accident, Megan's skin became very twisted around. My mom came up with a good analogy. When people put on ribbed socks, most people straighten out the ribs. Megan's skin is kind of like a sock that isn't straightened.

In several weeks, once the artery is healed Megan will have surgery to fix her bones. Her leg was broken in three places. Right now she has some huge rod attached to her leg to hold it in place.

Only two people are allowed in Megan's room at a time. There are four visiting times a day, twenty minutes each visit. It's very difficult to leave her.

If you're the praying type, please pray for Megan's recovery. She has a long road ahead. For updates on her condition, you can check the Facebook group, Get Better Soon Pistol.

This past week

Sunday, March 1, 2009

This last week I met Ashley's sweet baby Evy.

Right after meeting Evy, I headed back to school for the ASID potluck and guest speaker. There was lots of great food and our guest speaker was a sales rep from Milliken. Did you know that the average person touches over 50 Milliken products a day and doesn't even realize it?! This coming week we are going on a school trip to Atlanta, we are also going to La Grange to tour the Millikan carpet factory.

On Thursday I met fellow blogger Fran from Fran's Kitchen. We've been exchanging emails back and forth, and we found out that we are both living in the same town.

Shawn is still on hold with the Navy. I just want to pull my hair out! He's been on hold since the end of October and all this waiting is driving me crazy!

My ears have been hurting for a week, and my professors encouraged me to see the nurse. They didn't want my eardrums to rupture while we're in Atlanta. I went to the nurse and they kept asking me if my throat hurt or if I had been running a fever. No and no. I felt great, except for my ears. Turns out all this stuff is wrong with me: my lymph nodes were swollen, my throat was red, tons of fluid in my ears, and my sinus's were messed up. The final diagnosis was that I had an Upper Respiratory Infection. I didn't know it was possible to be sick and not really feel sick. This is the greatest sickness I've ever had!