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Megan Walks!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Back in March, my sister Megan was in a motorcycle accident. She ended up getting her leg amputated at the end of that month. After her 4 week stay in the hospital, she was able to go home. She used a wheelchair and walker for a bit. But walkers are "for grandmas" and using a wheelchair makes her "feel like a crippled person." So Megan worked hard at therapy, and learned to walk with one leg using crutches.

She's been waiting several months for her residual limb (which she named Aiden) to heal enough to get her prosthetic. Last Wednesday, the wait was finally over! Megan couldn't decide which leg to get, so she tried two out. On Wednesday she tried the Plie and on Thursday she tried the C-Leg. They're both microprocessor leg. Here's an easy to understand explanation from a prosthetic newsletter, "In real time the decision-making chip signals the swing-phase control to react so the limb will be ready for heel strike at the appropriate instant and place. Then at heel strike, the microprocessor signals the knee to restrict flexion until late stance phase, providing needed stability for full weightbearing,then gradually allows flexion in preparation for toe-off. Smart knees can further detect danger of falling or slipping and react to keep the knee from contributing to a fall."

Showing off her personalized socket-the part that her thigh goes in to.

She spent hours and hours getting her leg adjusted.

So, so happy!

7 Responses to “Megan Walks!”

  1. REBECCA, THAT'S WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! Thank you for the update and photos - Miss Pistol looks awesome!

    Made me smile all over.

  2. what an inspiration!!!! so so happy for her and your fam!!

  3. Wow! May this be the first steps of many to come!!

  4. WOW! Congratulations to your sister!!

  5. That is so wonderful! She looks thrilled!


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