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My birthday

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My birthday is on Friday, and here are a few items on my wish list.

1. Skagen watch. I'm allergic to nickel and finding a watch that doesn't give me a nasty rash is pretty difficult. Skagen is one of the few companies that specifies what material their band is made out of. You'd think that every expensive watch would automatically be made completely out of stainless steel, but that is not the case.

2. Crocs. I spend most of my work day sitting at the computer, but I still want to wear comfortable shoes. I've always thought that Crocs were pretty ugly, but that was before I went to the Crocs store during my trip to Boston. Crocs now sells comfortable heels, wedges, and flats.

3. Sour Patch Fruits. Favorite. Candy. Ever.

8 Responses to “My birthday”

  1. Ok..not with you on the Crocs, but am SO with you on the Sour Patch Kids. They are the BEST!

  2. Happy Birthday in Advance (from Turkey!) if I don't get another chance to stop in before then.

    mmm, sour patch kids. yum, now I want some!

    Also- I totally thought of you today. In our hotel room, the hower door opens and hits the bathroom sink. I thought to myself, "Rebecca would have been able to fix this!"

  3. Fun wish list! I really like that watch. I hope you get it all :o) I love sour patch kids too!

  4. I had a skagen watch for the longest time and absolutely loved it! Now that I think about it.... wonder where that went...

    Happy early birthday!

  5. Happy birthday!! It's been so long since i've been to your blog :( But I found it again so yay!

    I love your watch :)

  6. Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    oh my!!! sour patch kids are my movie snack EVERY SINGLE TIME. LOVE them!

  7. I bought you crocs AND candy. :) And mailed them.


    I love the UPS Store. We all know that you send special things (like gifts, ahem!) go to the UPS store. Not USPS!!!!


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